Pan's Labyrinth

Has anyone seen this? It came out last christmas, & was released on video here recently. It's in spanish, and has subtitles. It's about a young girl in the middle of the spanish (spain) civil war. There's a fairly tale, that there was once a princess of the underworld, and she wanted to go to the surface. She managed to do it, & then died. The king of the underworld believed that she would return one day, so he opened portals all over the earth, so she might return. However, to prove that she was indeed the princess, she had to perform 3 tasks, that got deadlier with each one. Don't want to give too much away, if people haven't seen it, but I have to say, this is definately one of the better movie's I've seen in a long time.

Den 16 years ago
I liked the graphics - the visuals, and some of the fantasy stuff, but it was way too depressing for me to consider it an entertaining movie.
Verileah 16 years ago
I liked the story but not the movie - I feel the director focused too much on what I least enjoyed, the heavy violence throughout the film. I'm not saying the violent things shouldn't have happened, but they could have been filmed differently to make it less about grossing people out and more about telling a story that has very brutal parts to it. I also think more attention should have been given to the incredible creatures and the interesting, complex relationships .
Adiene 16 years ago
Good good movie! I loved it , yes it is a bit depressing in ways , the time frame the movie was based in was depressing so, ... Great graphics! I was a little doubtful at first because of the subtitles .. however it wasn't distracting at all for me. I wished they would have spent the extra money to dub an English option on the DVD or something but w/e still good movie.

Be aware as pretty as the graphics look and how fantasy related it is .. this is not a movie for children.. there are a few reall deep and disturbing / gorey scenes.
Den 16 years ago
Ugh - I cannot watch a movie that's dubbed. I find that way more distracting than reading subtitles. It reminds me of the really old Godzilla movie -- I crack up every time I watch that.
Adiene 16 years ago
not if its done right it shouldn't lol I used to watch a lot of dubbed Japanese movies growing up so maybe it just don't bother me so much tho lol But it would be nice if it was an option at least. Then my hubby would watch it with me
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Good gravy. I finally got the chance to watch this last night - this is SO not a kid's movie. The subtitles distracted me for the first 15 mins but after that I got pretty caught up in it. Granted I skimmed through the facist parts with the psycho Captain but what an ending - really had you wondering if it was real or just in her head to escape what her family was going thru. Pretty damn bloody too, eep!
Sergon 16 years ago
I was let down by this film because it was billed as a fantasy film which it hardly was. The story or the lack there of almost put me to sleep a couple of times. My girlfriend was out cold after 45 minutes. The creatures and the artwork associated with them are very cool looking but you can just go to the video store and look at the DVD case to see that. I would not recommend this film to anyone.

assPOPE 16 years ago
I watched this movie shortly after its release. The thing about this movie is, the director applies some of the cultural cues from Mexican and to an extent Spanish views of things: that even in the most gruesome or horrendous of situations one might still find a saving grace - in the movie that grace is the fairy tale being told against a back drop of the Spanish revolutionaries rebelling against their fascist government, etc.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie, its juxtaposition of the tale and the ongoing rebellion, the fact that despite her fears, the little girl faces such fearful challenges...all for the love of her mother, her unborn brother, and for herself.