Sunbathing in the Driveway;bp=t

WALTON, Ky. -- A Walton man ran over his teenage daughter while she sunbathed in their driveway, police said.Authorities said Jennifer Jensen, 16, was injured when Mark Jensen, 50, drove over her in his half-ton pickup truck outside their Suncrest Drive home.The girl was transported by helicopter to a hospital with complaints of chest and torso pain, and police said she also suffered multiple abrasions.
Investigators said the teen’s injuries are not life-threatening and no charges were likely to be filed.

I'm laughing because she's okay.

Slovman 16 years ago
He'll never live that one down.

"Can I have a new car Dad?"
"Remember when you ran me over with the truck?"
"...I'll go get my wallet."
Mileron 16 years ago
Instead of "sweetheart" her new nickname could be "speedbump".