Webhosts List

Trying to start a reference list for people interested in starting their own website.

  1. www.olm.net

  2. www.mediatemple.net

  3. http://www.triplemoonhosting.org/

  4. http://www.westhost.com/

  5. http://jaguarpc.com/

  6. http://globat.com/

  7. http://lunarpages.com

  8. http://fatcow.com - extra info

All I got for now I will periodically update as i find more that are worth using (imo anyways

feel free to post any suggestions if you guys know of any!

Hosts I haven't personally tried but look damn good:

  1. http://1and1.com

  2. http://www.bluehost.com/ - this seems kind of slow at times, doing admin tasks and such.

  3. http://www.hostmonster.com/

  4. http://www.thiswebhost.com/

  5. http://anhosting.com

  6. http://midphase.com

these are webhosts that we've tried and they suck in some form or another, so avoid these.

Den 15 years ago
Mine is : http://www.triplemoonhosting.org/
Verity 15 years ago
I go with Westhost . What's really cool with them, is not only do you get a ton of space & bandwith, they do VPS hosting, which gives you alot more control over your space. They also have a ton of apps already ready to install through their control panel, which makes it nice for those who don't have the know-how to install them on their own.

Edit: forgot to mention they have plans starting at like $4 a month.
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
i use http://jaguarpc.com. they'er local to houston (though i've had them since i was in seattle!), have pretty competitive packages and in the 5+ years i've used them, have had next to no downtime. they also handle domain names at their sister site aletianic.com i think is the site - they have it on their page. most are $10.00 a year (for the domain name!)
Vex 15 years ago
Thank you all for the links, going to add them in the original post!
assPOPE 15 years ago
dot5hosting is who I use - been with them for over 4 years without encountering any problems...free upgrades as they get added, too. I'm up to 20 Gigs and 750 Gigs/month bandwidth. They offer tons of other stuff, too, from forums, to albums, to e-Commerce and such.

Vex 14 years ago
i removed Dreamhost from the list.

To be honest, i've never seen a worse control panel in my life. And where the hell are my IPs so I can get shit ready while the damn domain is propagating /being transferred.

4 thumbs down for this place.
Rikr 14 years ago
anyone actually using Jaguar PC? I'm thinking about signing up. Just curious.

edit:nm re-read the post, i see fyre using them.
Jetamio 14 years ago
I use Colourtek I think. I pay it with paypal, I never get any trouble so cant be bad I spose lol. But then I havent sussed the whole make a webpage yet, but I really must get on with one!
assPOPE 14 years ago
UPDATE: dot5hosting took a sever turn for the crap-closet.
They changed their entire pay structure and will eventually try to nickel and dime you death by charging you for little thing: mysql database *cha-ching*, addtional sub-domain *cha-ching*...you get the idea.
Sad really.
I removed all content with the exception of a pointer web page to my other webhost: http://www/globat.com I've also used these guys for my other sites and have actually been really good (not perfect, mind you) about 95% of the time and they try to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

Other well-recommended web hosts:

http://www.Bluehost.com - the web host used by the developers of phpbb - I intend to switch to them to take advantage of their practice of offering the latest php/mySQL versions, which is great for such portals as Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, etc.

http://www.lunarpages.com - very similar service and reputation to bluehost. They will also credit you like 6 months of your existing account when you sign up for 12+ months in advance. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Link to the offer: [Click Me]
Vex 14 years ago
list updated 9/26/08 !
Lillaanya 14 years ago
I use bluehost.com and can vouch for them. Very easy to use control panel (if I can find my way around it you KNOW it is easy lol), craploads of scripts you can install with a click of a button like phpbb, coppermine, wordpress, etc., more bandwidth and space than I can ever hope to use, and their customer service is awesome. I was actually using another webhost a couple years ago, had problems where I needed to call tech support...which ended up being someone contracted out by the webhost who actually recommended the switch to bluehost.
Vex 12 years ago
Great if you are completely web-stupid and don't have high demands. ( you want to run wordpress or something )

I wish it had:

  • Remote database login

  • CRON support