Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places. I am lucky enough to live less than an hour away from the north shore and about 50 mins from the south shore. For anyone who's not been there or doesn't know... Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in north america, it's just breathtakingly beautiful and it's burning. We've got some co workers who live in the area. Last we heard their homes have survived but no word today if that is still the case.

Sunday Evening

Monday view from the north shore looking south

Firefighters stationed at Heavenly getting some breakfast this morning before headed out for the day.

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ROzbeans 16 years ago
I"ve been watching that on the Today show - that's so sad. There are fires happening in Alaska too, it's just a dry summer all around.
Lunna 16 years ago
Yeah = ( we only got about 30% of our anual snowfall this past winter. It sucked.
Adiene 16 years ago
yeah sad ..
We go there every year to race (well not atm at least since I am here but bro , sisters and mom go ..) /cry
Verity 16 years ago
Looks like it's gonna be that way everywhere again. Heard this on the news today:

There's a fire that broke out near West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone is a teeny tiny town that's literally *just* outside the Northwest entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

I really don't want to see yellowstone burn again. We went down there twice last year, and you can see still the areas where it burned back in 88.

Last year was a really bad season for wildfires here. There were several before we moved up here in Sept, and as we were driving up here, coming over from Billings to Bozeman, the entire drive was hazy from the smoke, & we actually saw the fire a couple times. It was about a month after we got here, that the air finally cleared up. (It was so bad, they kept the kids inside at recess).

I remember I think it was 5 years ago now, the Hayman fire in Colorado. We were about 45 miles from it, but we'd get up in the morning, and there would be a layer of ash on our car. At night, we could see the orange glow from the fire out of our bedroom window.

Fires & wildfires can be so destructive!
Den 16 years ago
Wow! We left the Sacramento area on Saturday, and have been on vacation, so I wasnt aware things were this bad at Tahoe...we have a few friends with expensive vacation homes up there too...
patslash 16 years ago
that is sad to hear in italy we also have some fires spreading when its really hot...fortunately it's not yet the case