I drew this while I was waiting for my surgery last week. It is referenced from a sketch tutorial book I bought, I knew my little girl would love it. Biggest challenge I had is my left-handedness, I would have preferred to draw it round the other way.. if I had a mirror available I would have reversed the reference LOL

Took me about 2 hours all up, used all my *H pencils, which is a big deal for me as I usually use *B pencils with my fave being about a 3B LOL. But I discovered that H pencils can actually go quite dark if you layer them.

Adiene 17 years ago
OMG how cute I just wanna snatch em up and huggle it to pieces~!
Lunna 17 years ago
I'm left handed too. How did that hender you? I've always had a problem smudging/smearing my paper until I started drawing from right to left.

The piece is very cute tho. There is a certain charm to pencil work that is impossible to recapture digitally.
SnowDragon 17 years ago
ahhh it's soooo cute I just want to snatch it up in my arms and take a nap with it.
tamaelia 17 years ago
Lunna, it was just my inability to draw circles and elipses on the angles shown by the guy in the book I wanted to slope them differently than he was demonstrating LOL Took me afew practice pages to get the curves going the way they needed to.
ROzbeans 17 years ago
You did such a beautiful job on this. I bet it looks amazing in person - you should post more of your sketches, Tam!
tamaelia 17 years ago
... that would require me to actually DO more sketches :P