Spoilers lurk around every corner...

...for HP7. There is almost certainly a copy of the book (photographed pages, not one of those fake fan fic PDFs) in heavy circulation (along with a nasty HP VIRUS, by the way, attached to supposed book downloads - don't be stupid, people!), and some people got their copies early. So what's a girl who wants to go the honest route and avoid spoilers to do? I wanted to go to the midnight gathering at my bookstore...but I'm worried I'll be surrounded by people who have already read the book . I want to participate in the great Snape debate, but it's no fun having a pointless debate unless both sides are in the dark! I'm seriously considering just hiding under a rock until Sunday or Monday, by which time I will have no doubt read the book in its entirety.

I'm frustrated. This isn't as much fun when it's not a surprise for everyone because some jackasses have to cheat and break rules .

K, I'm done venting. Post your spoiler free thoughts on HP7 here.

Darsa 16 years ago
I will *NOT* allow anyone to spoil it for me during the release party I'm going to; I can be very loud and obnoxious when I want to be, and I will fully utilize my leet skillz in this department to keep morons from trying to tell me/everyone what the ending is, or any of the juicier tidbits I've been waiting for.

Adiene 16 years ago
Yeah the fucking cock juggling thunder cunts~!
I swear some people have no life and are so completely unhappy with thier "said life" that they have to go out and ruin everything for other people.
Seriouly someone should tie em to a mac truck , drag around a few blocks and dip in salicylic acid ...... I hate people..

I have been avoiding all the sites just because of this. Mugglenet has been littered with them all over the past few weeks =/ If its not the book bashing of retarded mother R us its some looser leaking and spoiling shit for us, specially for the kids .. have they no shame?!
patslash 16 years ago
i'll have to wait december or even january to read it in italian
help me make it through the spoilers!!
i tried reading the goblet of fire in english but there are too many strange names, i hardly understood it, so finally i waited for the italian version
Darsa 16 years ago
Oh my gosh, if I could translate it for you I would, for sure! I'm sorry you have to wait =/
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I just read the spoiler, I cried a little, wow. LOL I guess I'll go read the books now =D
Starry 16 years ago
Someone was trying to tell me a spoiler at the midnight party, so I unleashed all my fake-rumors right on top of her sentence and she ran off to tell people.

Haha, my wonderful OH TRUST ME face works wonders. /laughs evilly.

The only spoiler I accidently glaced at I didnt even believe, and turned out it was right but really SOANDSO DIES ON PAGE# doesnt really do much for me, I dont know what page Im on.

Anyways Ive read it twice now and its <3 I tell you, <3!
Vishanti 16 years ago
I know some of you have probably seen this, but it got a smirk out of me.
Lunna 16 years ago
I managed to deflect the spoilers and just finished the book. Wow...
Sarah 16 years ago
Mileron and I have finished the book.

Can we start an actual spoiler thread?
Verileah 16 years ago
Absolutely, go right ahead. I'll join you over there .