Some new Starry Arts! ^-^

Im been drowning in the convention season here lately. Being a newbie for all this terribly overwhelming! But heres a sampling of my recent works! =3

Sun Fairy 11x14

Bast Priest 5x7

Snow Leopard 5x7

Black Wolfie 5x7

Working on lots of new things, too, Generally speaking I have 5-10 things in varies stages of WIP all the time now. Sometimes I paint in my sleep! (And then wonder why its not done the next day~)

SnowDragon 16 years ago
They are so cute. They look great Starry!
Sarah 16 years ago
These are great! Get some rest hon, you deserve it.
Starry 16 years ago
Thanks Ladies! ^-^

And I cant rest until.. ugh I dont wanna think about that <3 I have another convention in a few weeks, and then might take another one a few weeks after that ^-^

After that thankfully the seasons over! =D And then its time to do the holiday stuff! Which is fun anyway. =3
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Well don't overwork yourself. Make sure to take lots of little breaks then. It will add up and may even give you inspiration.