Quidam + Modo = fun stuff!

There's this program out, called Quidam, which is kind of Poser-like, only it's not really. You can make characters in it, and export them to other 3d apps very easily. So, I started experimenting with it. I created a character and exported her to Modo, where I then continued to tweak, and set up my materials and whatnot, built some props and terrain and just generally had a good time. Here is the result.

If you want to take a look at Quidam, there's a free demo available at http://www.n-sided.com/

It can be used, with some work, to modify Poser characters. It's not as easy as they make it seem on the site, but you can actually import a Vicky 4 head and morph it, and then export the morph back to Poser. Anyway, it's another tool in our art arsenal.