C is for Cookie! Ok, so I just made that part up. But I have an idea for a speed paint / render. Hope no one minds and you artists are interested!

Your mission, in 30 minutes, is to draw something you see on your desk or drawing space. It could be a coffee mug, cell phone, a plant or even the monitor itself. Surprise me!

Mileron 16 years ago
Apologies for the image sizes... I replaced my office computer and haven't reinstalled Photoshop yet *emails self to do that*

Original view

And Apologies for the digital camera photo of my drawing, because I can't figure out where our scanner saves files on the network

.7mm lead click pencil

Took me the entirety of a 24 minute call to do this.
Den 16 years ago
Wow Mil - for all your mishaps, you did a great job!