Round One Lynch: Delivering a Message

Dimak's speech about the seemingly legendary Pinual seemed lost on the students. Each respectfully looked the man in the face but the undeniable feeling of resentment began to grow. As the teachers dismissed the children, the adults quickly left the area for the confines of their private rooms. The children, however, lingered in a thick silence as they returned to their barracks.

Quiet murmuring began to break the painful vacuum.

'Suicide, huh?'

'Somehow I doubt that.'

'Do you think maybe...?'

'Where was....'

The children began to talk amongst themselves, alibi'ing themselves and their friends until suddenly the conversation turned vicious.

Someone thumped Dan's head, shoving him forward.

'Where were you?'

'Yeah, where WERE you?'

Dantes turned and looked at the mob forming behind him. Granted all little children and a few tweens but violence was as old as space. As the battle school silently spun, the children circled around Villanova- a few checking down the hallways for adults.

Dan's eyes darted with fear - he knew a lynch mob when he saw one. 'Pinual's suicide has everyone upset.' He took a step back but bumped into another student who shoved him violently back. Suddenly he was being ping ponged back and forth, jabs at his head and stomach knocked the wind out of him, disorienting him. He tried to reason with them but his words were lost on the rush of violence coming from the mob of children around him, suddenly he felt pushed back and he tried to catch a handhold on the smoothed tunneled walls but his hands found no purchase.

Suddenly Dantes was falling, only the ground he hit was through the pole drop onto the floor below. Surprisingly, all of his parkour training couldn't save him from this most permanent of fates. It was unfortunate that when he finally reached the floor that it was on his neck, snapping it.

The children above stood quietly looking down the drop hole at the body below. They did that, not the buggers, not the had been their own choice to kill one of their own.