Round 2 Serial Kill - Slowly Drifting

The figure listened to the breathing of the other children, borderline hate mingling with great disdain. Here, in the darkness, they could really see the ugly truth of what the teachers were doing. It wasn't about the buggers. It was about the possession of Earth and the strongest country with the smartest and most talented leaders of the future...only the teachers were fucking it up by looking to the wrong people, relying on past successes for future gain when really it was all foolish superstitions. Someone had to guide them along the right path.

Turning to the side the figure zeroed in on the soft feminine breathing that had become their obsession. The undeserving, calculating and completely-unworthy-of-leadership female who, against the most predictable and obvious conclusions, continued to succeed at battle school and forge a path to Command school.

The figure quietly slid off their bunk and padded barefoot past the rows of bunks. With a slight tickle of fingers, the figure woke the chosen soldier. Covering her mouth softly, the figure whispered in her ear.

'I know. Come with me.'

Waiting for her to stand and follow, she accepted the offered hand and the two slipped silently out of the Dragon Army barracks. Both clad in only their underwear, they moved undetected through the tunnels, dropping levels to a secure destination.

Suddenly the female tugged on the figure's arm. They were in a part of the school that was vaguely familiar to her. Then she remembered it was the entry airlock where, as launchies, they had arrived at Battle School.

'Why are we here? What are you doing? What is this?' And there it was, the tingle at the back of her neck that immediately set her on the defensive. Her grey eyes widened as the figure turned to look at her. There was nothing the expressionless eyes that met her gaze, but Teresa didn't need to see it to pick up on that deep-seated feeling of distrust, resentment and hate. Taking a step back, she turned to leave when the figure reached out and grabbed her, snapping her arm back and slamming her up against the airlock controls.

The warning lights began to strobe, flashing their warning that some serious shit was about to go down. Teresa pulled against the grip of the figure but they held onto her with the utmost tenacity. She wished she had signed up for the defensive classes when the first of the hits came at her face. The ferocity of the beating was vicious and unrelenting till finally her bloodied body lay at the feet of the interloper, fists balled up and marked with her blood like a badge of dishonor.

The figure reached behind for the controls of the airlock and opened the door. Carrying her body inside and laying her down once more, the serial killer stepped back out and closed the door, signaling for the outer door to open. Through the porthole the body of Teresa Sol began to react to the zero gravity. Her eyes bulged and her mouth opened in a final scream of pain as her body began to expand from the sudden loss of pressure. Finally the blood burst from her veins on her arms and legs and it floated out in zero gravity like soapy bubbles as her rigid body began to move outside the Battle School.

The figure returned to the Dragon Army barracks without a sound, just as before, washing the blood off in the bathroom in the dark with slow methodical movements. Then, with a whisper of sheets, they slid back into the bunk bed and closed their eyes.

The Teachers 15 years ago
/ooc In the hopes of encouraging those who want to role play their character's reactions to this terrible news, we've posted this message from The Teachers. There are no clues here, just a little bit of story.

All was quiet save the soft clicking of keys, and even that sound was muted. Dap typed slowly and carefully, not allowing the words to simply tumble out in the heat of the moment.

He was going to have to be very careful about what he said.

Really, he had no other choice but to involve the chief of the IF police. Graff wouldn’t listen to reason, everyone else was content to keep covering up the series of deaths…no, they were calling them ‘accidents’. Accidents. He felt sick inside.

There was a knock on the door, but Graff burst into the room before Dap could reply. He was quick to close his laptop – too quick. Surely Graff had noticed his haste.

It seemed, however, that the Colonel had not paid the slightest mind to Dap’s suspicious behavior. He immediately began to speak, his voice authoritative but very, very tired.

“We took the shuttle out and retrieved the…Teresa, we retrieved her body. The medical examiner is looking her over now.”

“Very good, Sir.”

Graff must have heard the taint of bitterness in Dap’s voice. “I’m doing everything I can!”

“All due respect, Sir, no. You’re not.”

To Dap’s intense relief, the Colonel ignored his blatant insubordination for the sake of continuing the argument. “I won’t send those children home. I can’t…I –won’t- waste those minds, I won’t throw them away like so much damaged goods. To do so would render all of these deaths meaningless.”

Dap’s voice was quiet but firm. “What about the ones who have died? You don’t mind throwing –them- away, not even letting their parents…”

Graff interrupted him. “…Dap, I’m going to swear to you, right now, that everything, -everything- I do is so the buggers won’t swarm the Earth and eliminate every single last human being. That’s the –only- thing that matters. If it means I get court marshaled, if a few parents find out that their child is never coming home, and yes, even if people –die-, I will still do everything in my power to defeat the buggers. I’m doing the right thing.”

Dap nodded his head mutely, not willing to commit to an answer out loud. Graff handed him a folder and stood to go.

“Those are the incident reports. I’ve left nothing out. Eventually it will all come out into the open, but it’s in everyone’s best interest if that happens –after- the buggers are gone. I’ll make sure of that – or rather, you will.”

Dap understood perfectly, and nodded again as Graff swept out of the room.

Then he opened his laptop, and deleted the email draft. He would have to go now, and tell the children about the terrible accident that had claimed Teresa’s life.
MEC 15 years ago
What's going on?
Why are these kids dying?
What are the teachers doing about it?
Are we still expected to have battles?

These were just some of the questions that swirled through Zenan's head. After they had announced Pinual's Death the last thing he expected was more.

After he had finished his meal, he bean walking on autopilot, to the same place he always had for free time. When he did get there however, he froze in his tracks, as the area was closed off Not knowing what to do, Zenan went to his bunk and laid down, staring at the bunk above. Things were so confusing, everyone talking, no one sure what was going on. Shouldn't one of the teachers be clearing this up, so that we could keep training.

This new train of thought evoked the same thoughts Zenan had when he thought of the future. What were Pre-Command, Navigation, and Tactical schools like. What did the students do? How did they interact with the teachers? Which one would he be assigned to? And would he make it to Command school?

Zenan never noticed when his thoughts turned to dreams, obviously it was when he fell asleep, but tracking that moment always seemed to evade him...
MashPotato 15 years ago
A shy silent girl
Now flies in joyful quiet
Among the white stars

RIP, Teresa Sol