Round 4 - Mafia Hit - Tough to Swallow

“How'd you manage to get in the storeroom?”

“Never you mind.” The member of Dragon Army smiled and tapped appreciatively on the box of granulated cleaning solution soon to be responsible for wiping out one more undesirable from Battle School.

“I can't even imagine why they picked her.” said the other as they watched the unsuspecting member of their squad.

“I don't know but I think if she mentions how “special” she is one more time...” The threat, far from empty, was left unsaid. There was no need when they fully intended to carry it out immediately.


Ducky sighed and looked past the other kids in the cafeteria. You'd think it would take less time to get food these days but it still seemed to take forever. Of course that could be because she was always at the back of the line. Her hopes of being smarter than some were finally realized in Dragon Army but with a fatal price. Obviously she had yet to get herself killed and that must mean she was more intelligent than some or at least more lucky. That distinction was a long time in coming and unfortunately other kids dying ruined the sense of vindication Gwendal would normally have felt.

“Shove over, Sped.”

Glancing up from her absent study of a wall, Ducky noticed two more kids, these in her own army, pushing past her. It seemed unlikely that there would be anything worth eating by the time she managed to make it to the front of the line.


Gwendal sat down at the nearest empty seat she could find and began munching ravenously on her lukewarm meal. It took at least half a dozen bites before she even tasted the food and a few more to realize it was not very good, even by cafeteria standards. A few more bites after that convinced Ducky that not only was it not good but it was also wrong.

She looked it over with a critical eye, not wishing to waste what took her so long to procure, but could find nothing wrong with the barely edible substances. Ducky had gotten through this bizarre school by counting on her intuition and she was smart enough to know when to trust it.

Jumping up, Gwendal's goal was to run towards the lavatory and there heave up her hard earned lunch but she tripped over someone's leg as she went by and that sent her sprawling out into the middle of the rows of crowded tables. Ducky tried to push herself up and continue onwards but by then the convulsions had begun to start. She was totally unaware of the people who rushed her towards the infirmary because by that time her eyes had rolled back into her head. Twitching and slobbering, Gwendal Ulrich breathed her last away from the gawking stares of all the other “special” kids still believing that making it through Battle School was worth the risk.