Round Five OOC

Emilio has drifted away...

Feel free to have a chat about it.

Den 16 years ago
Okay - NOW I'm pissed! lol

We have to get those last two mafia!

I still think Armando is the head cheese, but will spend today trying to figure out his accomplice. Back later for what I dig up.

Anyone else agree with Armando?
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
well shoot. sneaky little bastards. *sigh* time to start digging again.

note to all - all that going on about the 410 in Washington - dead wrong. the 410 is in San Antonio Texas. There is a 405 in Seattle. So that clue analysis was going in the wrong direction....
Den 16 years ago
Those still alive - just a recap:


From what was said in todays kill, it still sounds like there are only two mafia. While we don't yet kow about the SK, something tells me Splaz was a bad choice. But I'll get into that later. Right now I want to put up what I have mafia wise.

There are only a few of the above names with little or no posted clues. Yet, who has the most?

Today's hit refers to 'text book nerds'. Considering Armando is the only toon that plays chess, and chess has always been equated with nerdiness, thats one clue.
The mention of Emilio's ego would have been a thorn in Armando's side, as it had been for all his life. Then too we have the fact that Emilio was stabbed, and Armando's bio references 'cleaving'.

Hit number 4 = one of the mafia got into a storeroom, which must have been locked, or the other person wouldn't have questioned how acces was gained. Now, I could be off the mark here, but because this is set in a futuristic world, I would assume locks would be the computer controled ones, and who has great hacking abilities? Plus the cleaning references I have to go back to with Armando too, since he was always cleaning up after his brother and the messes he made. A reference to 'special' and the negative tone it was used in, would fit with Armando's jealousy of his brother. To stretch it a bit, the fact that Gwendal was pushed aside and wound up taking leftovers for her lunch could also extend to Armando always feeling second best, being the second born twin, and having to take Emilio's leftovers.

Day three gave us the 'calculus' clue, and considering the book could have been ANYTHING, the fact that it was calculus is something I don't think we should overlook. There is also a possible computer programming clue, with the kill in Stormie's computer. Killed once there by one mafia, and then killed yet again by the second mafia. There is a reference to 'clawed hands' that could refer to the fact that Armando was in the Tiger army. And the computer kill was done by the 'alpha', which could refer to Armando being head mafia...godfather. All the computer references could also be connected again to Armando and his computer expertise.

On the day of the second kill, there was a reference to 'babies', and even though at the age of 13 Armando wouldn't really be considered a baby, as the younger of the two twins he might. The youngest child in a family always being considered such. The kill itself, being stabbed in the eye with a joy stick, we go back to the cleaving reference in Armando's bio, and this time we also have a 'gaping chasm' that would have been left once the joystick was removed from Lynn's eye socket.

The first mafia scenario didn't result in a kill, but there were clues there, none the less. More computer clues = emails. That the mafia was stressing to Pinual that their goal was to WIN, is also something Armando has realized is his goal now too. He got that 'wake up call' after his brother beat him in that last battle staged by the instructors.

So there you have my synopsis on Armando. I hope the rest of you 'non-mafia' are looking too. I have a feeling my days may be numbered now. However if I can go out, and take a baddie along with me, I won't die unhappy.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Btw, I got that route 410 from here:
State route 410... Washington State, according to Wikipedia.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
We have to get those last two mafia!

You sure there's definately just 2?

The way I see it, we lynched Dantes for being SK (and were wrong), we lynched Domo for being SK and mafia (and were wrong on SK), we've lynched Ezekial for SK (and were wrong) and we've lynched Splaz for being SK (and we don't know for definate yet)

Now, either we've been bloody lucky and one of those SK lynches turned out to be mafia, or there's a good chance that we've only lynched one (and quite possibly no) mafia members so far.

Yes, all those 2 references were rather telling, but would there really have been only 3 mafia at the start of a game with 20 odd players? Maybe, I don't know, but I wouldn't want to bet on it.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
The one thing I would like to add to what BizzBizz has posted on Armando...
All these mafia hits are going to be referring to 2, possibly 3 or 4 different people. I don't think we should be looking for clues which tie all mafia hits to one person - these hits are going to reference several different people.
Den 16 years ago
Btw, I got that route 410 from here:
State route 410... Washington State, according to Wikipedia.

I'm sorry, but I miss what the reference is. (NM - I see Willie was from Seattle, Washington.)

And no I'm not certain there are only 2 mafia left, but I think there are. It really doesn't matter though, how many I think there are. The only thing that matters is that there are mafia left.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
That route 410 link was just due to the repeated reference to 4.10, 10th April, 410 DDN in the library in the SK hit. It has no relevance to the mafia hits.
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
it is possible that the SK has taken out some mafia as well - which is how we could have only 2 left.

hadn't thought of the state route thing - and considering how many times i drove on 410 you'd think i would have!! - i was thinking more along the lines of interstate stuffs... *sigh* ya just never know with this game.

are we seeing any other new clues to pop up to point us at at least one other person?
MEC 16 years ago
Don't forget that it's possible that the SK has killed mafia.

I think we should take into consideration people who are abnormally quite. Specifically Janie, Grenn, and to a point, Willie.
Jinheim 16 years ago
Don't forget that it's possible that the SK has killed mafia.

I think we should take into consideration people who are abnormally quite. Specifically Janie, Grenn, and to a point, Willie.

Agreed, but I think you should be included on that list as well. You haven't been nearly as active this game as you have in the past.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Well now I'm utterly confused. What with the Christmas references, people getting blown up with household equipment and everything in that last S.K kill, if we hadn't already have lynched Splaz it would have looked definite. But he's dead.
Jetamio 16 years ago
I'm baffled too, the Christmas references also pointing to one we already lynched. Think they can still kill from beyond the grave? lol
Den 16 years ago
This SK again references 'cattle' - and Zenan, being from Montana, could be a connection. Then too, there are a lot of references to 'gifts', and Zenan's bio mentions being gifted. In general, all the references to teachers paying more attention to others, would fit with the fact that his own parents overlooked him as a child. Plus, going back to the Chuck E Cheese reference...someone told me the Hound is one of the big three there...and Zenan was a Hound.
MEC 16 years ago
I'm sorry for not being as active, I've been rather busy with school work.

While looking at the SK kill (which was freaking awesome), it seemed increadibly like a clue that Jacob's desk exploded, at first I thought maybe someone with hacking skills, but that really doesn't make much sense. Then I noticed this in Bizzbizz's profile:

Specialty: Mechanics-no matter what it is, if it has moving parts, BizzBizz can take it apart and put it back together, with a high success rate in repairing it if necessary.

I really don't think there would be anyone else who could get a bomb in there.

Also I think the cattle clue would be a bit more directly related to someone's bio, rather than to a state, which I might add there are many people from herding areas. Perhaps from Najda's Bio:

Maybe she should have bucked harder?

And wasn't the Chuck E. Cheese thing from a mafia hit? I think you're getting a bit confused with your accusations.
Mike 16 years ago
LOL Den if I didn’t know better I’d think you were out to get me.

Realistically the best clue we have on me is the calculus one and if you read that hit again you’ll notice its only called a calculus book once after that its referred to as a math book and that opens it up to many more people. All the other clues can be interpreted differently to fit other people, and they have been ,often they fit better.

So, moving on… who is dangerous here? Eduardo.

“What about that Pinual kid? Real section 8, that kid’ll slow us down for sure.”

Yes this is about Pinual but does maybe refer to something else? An other whack job?
If Eduardo should ever be dragged forcefully out of his fantasy world it would likely do him serious psychological damage.

If we take the 23:00 clue as well 2300 = 11 that also fits

Then there is the kindergarten teacher reference implying an older student and this is backed up by referring to Lynn as a baby in day two.

Again Pinual was obsessed with the fantasy game and Eduardo is immersed in his fantasy world.

There was also mention of the mafia ‘trickling in’ in OOC and good old Eduardo is from Wellstaple on the Water

Then Lynn was killed at a game and the two most important game at the battle school are the battle room and the fantasy game. Fantasy world, fantasy game… not much of a stretch is it? And you have Eduardo who
tackles the object of his stress in a metaphorical battle in his mind

And now we have a killing in the battle room.

Not to mention that our dear Eduardo had had it in for Blackrabbit since day one.

Now I know that I’m crossing into SK territory here but all this Christmas talk? We lynched Domo for as much.

Let’s face it Eduardo is bad news he is either SK or mafia. Either way he he’s dangerous.
CaptainBinky 16 years ago
Well I don't really have any counters to those arguments except to say that they're pretty weak.

Firstly all those fantasy references are to be expected given that the whole Ender's Game scenario is based around kids playing a fantasy game. I guess it's my own daft fault for using such themes in my own bio. And having one of the deaths involve the computer game is to be expected given the setting of this game. Shouldn't we be looking at people who can hack that game rather than people who just happen to have the word 'fantasy' in their bio?

I'm not quite sure what you're getting at with the section 8 quote. I'm guessing that it's probably pretty tenuous.

The 23:00 thing is pretty weak. I'd say that the time has more to do with the time that voting takes place than a cunning (wooo, it's disguised as a 24 clock - how clever) reference to 11.

"trickling in" - yes I'll give you that one.

battle room... 'battle' from my bio? Okay, it's a pretty small clue but I'll give you that too.

And having it in for BlackRabbit... well yes while that is true I'd like to challenge anybody to re-read the other ooc threads and tell me that she wasn't acting damned suspiciously. And let's be honest, we don't know that I wasn't right yet. Just because she's been mafia hit... would this be the first time that the mafia have bumped off one of their own to divert suspicion...?

So what have we got? A reference to water, a reference to 'battle', and the number 11. Two of those are mafia clues, and one is SK. What am I? And if you're going to lynch somebody on those sorts of clues, then why don't you lynch Den for having the word 'explosion' in her bio?

According to BlackRabbit whom you all seem to believe was innocent, I'm definately not regular mafia so you're betting on me being Godfather or S.K.
Den 16 years ago
LOL Den if I didn’t know better I’d think you were out to get me.

LOL -- You do know better, and I AM out to get you...cause 'you da man!'
Mike 16 years ago
Weak or not is relative. What I find most interesting is that you can find clues pointing to Eduardo in nearly every hit.

To be more precise I wasn’t looking at just the word battle I was looking at the fact the Eduardo uses metaphorical battles to over come things and the battle room IS a metaphorical battle. Its practice for leading troop against the bugger.

LOL! You can be the Godfather or the SK you don’t have to be regular mafia

The point is you ARE dangerous and will be killing again.
Den 16 years ago
Weak or not is relative. What I find most interesting is that you can find clues pointing to Eduardo in nearly every hit.

But from my synopsis above, there are clues reflecting back on Armando in EVERY hit... ... ...