Round 5 Voting

*booming voice of Godliness*

Cast your votes here! This thread will be closed tonight at 11 PM EST. At that time the person with the most votes will surely perish.

Please bold the name of your vote.

If you cast your vote, and then change your mind, you may edit your post but you must not remove any information; simply make a note of your voting change and switch the boldination from your old vote to the new one.

Thou shalt only post once in this thread; all other discussion can go in the /ooc thread or IMs/Emails/PMs...and so on.

Remember that after 3 missed votes we will smite you down in some horribly gruesome way for being vote!

Tor 15 years ago
Brothers should be together, even in matter what the teachers feel.

Goodbye, Armando.
Den 15 years ago

Sorry 'bro', but you really should have gotten beyond your jealousies.
Jetamio 15 years ago
I'm torn between two, but being as I'm going out and will likely get too drunk to remember to vote, I'll have to pick one now.

So, Eduardo
CaptainBinky 15 years ago
MEC 15 years ago
Armando does seem rather suspicious.
Mike 15 years ago
Hvesha 15 years ago
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
Lillaanya 15 years ago
God 15 years ago
Lynch is incoming - SKIDS to GOD Please.