Round 6 /OOC

That's all the killin' for today, folks.


Den 16 years ago
Hmmm - only one mafia in today's hit...and we're voting already?

Wonder which one was the SK...Eduardo or Zenan...
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
Assuming for just a moment here that I've read what I think I read - in the last round we took out a mafia and the SK. Damn!!! Can't wait to find out who did what on that one!

So who does that leave us?

Armando Salvaggio (Mike)
BizzBizz (Den)
Grenn Rosby (Hvesha)
Janie Adams (Lillaanya)
Najda Sorrento (Fyre)
Talia Brady (Jet)
Willie "Pinky" Cleene (Tor)

Oy. Too many choices!!!!
Mike 16 years ago
Yay! We got the SK that feels really good! Huzzah!

But we do still have mafia floating about. Now as Den was so kind to point out three have been references to ‘clean’ before and today there are frequently repeated references to being dirty and washing up. I can’t read those with out thinking about Willie “Pinky” Cleene.

Now beyond that look at the attitude of the killer today, its very back and white, almost polarized wonderfully significant in light of the fact that Willie is an albino and he specifically talks about being singled out in his bio. Willie only really belonged in Hawk perhaps he’s found a new place to belong to in the mafia.
Den 16 years ago
Nah -- Willie isn't mafia
Tor 16 years ago
Indeed. Excellent work on confusing people's hints, Armando. Good show.

Here are the hints that Armando has arrayed against him.

Armando is an older kid, so qualifies for the babies references people seem to be fans of from round 2.

Armando is one of the two remaining students large enough to overpower everyone he's killed. Of note - he initially lost to Zenan this round, who was about the same size. Size is a factor in most of the late kills.

The predatory clues point to Armando as well, with one of his former groups being Tiger. They were from rounds 2 and 3.

Armando is skilled with technology, especially programming and computer interface. In round two, the use of the console and overrides point to him. In round three, the individual managed to hack into the fantasy game. In round four, the storeroom's access was overridden - another feat of hacking.

The Calculus book was probably Armando's in round three.

The back of the line hint from round 4 can refer to the last bio in the chain...which belonged to Armando.

*edit* I forgot to mention that his bio speaks of the patience and planning displayed in rounds 5 and 6. Cheers.