SK kill - the hit that almost was

The clues are in bold. Enjoy!

She was standing there in a daze, watching one of the practice session; her brown eyes sharply watched the technique of the older students and she, no doubt, was absorbing it all. Her little hand was twisting her long left braid, unconsciously twirling it in her small fingers.

The serial killer quietly walked up behind the young student and watched the practice session as it neared completion. The SK's eyes strayed down to the back of the young girl's neck and noticed a small, delicate mole just below the hairline.

'What it must be like - to be so different than everyone else.' The serial killer nonchalantly said.

Young BizzBizz turned, startled at the voice and at the realization that she was alone with another student. Searching the serial killer's eyes, her tense expression faded slightly, but her eyes still narrowed with indignation.

'I'm no different than anyone else here.'

The serial killer nodded and raised an eyebrow. 'Oh, you're special. Right. A launchie in an ill fated army. Still, I bet being so small must pose many difficult situations.'

A different type of tension vacated for another and BizzBizz rolled her eyes and turned back to watching the practice session from behind the smoked glass. It would not disturb the players inside, but unfortunately the smoked glass provided the perfect cover for high strung little girls to have a fateful conversation with an irritated executioner. The smallish yet loud leader of the pack of dogs that were left in Dragon Army opened her mouth again.

'I really don't give a rat's ass what you th....'

BizzBizz voice was suddenly cut off and she struggled to regain her composure, but the shiv filed down from one of the lunchroom spoons was preventing her from completing her rather terse response. The serial killer laid a hand on her shoulder and shoved the shiv as far as it would go without it coming out the other side. Little BizzBizz, another judged unworthy and unrealistic; why the serial killer waited so long was a mystery, even to the killer. Looking closely at the shiv's entry point, the serial killer noticed that they managed to hit her dead center of her mole. Funny thing. Again gripping hard on her shoulder, the serial killer pulled back, dislodging the shiv and relishing the spray of warm blood that squirted angrily across their face.

BizzBizz fell to the ground, her eyes wide and shocked, no doubt from someone actually being able to silence her. Her mouth gaped open in surprise and before leaving, the serial killer knelt down and closed that trap of a mouth with a happy sigh.

ROzbeans 15 years ago
/curtsies...exits, stage right.
Den 15 years ago!

lol - sure glad poor little Bizz didn't have to actually go that way. I much prefer seeing her 8 years later!