clue breakdown

Mafia hit 1 - Britt

He was really upset, I bet Pinual was one of his favorites. Teresa suspects that she is only there because of favoritism. I really tried to word this so it wouldn't point to 'special' Rae too...we'll see.

Look at her – they givin’ uniforms to babies these days. More evidence that there are 'big kids' in the mafia, like Lemmy and Mike

At first it almost looked as though the girl had fallen asleep at the controls There is a dreaming and mind control motif to Keera's bio. Hope that works...


SK kill 1 - Lemmy

The undeserving, calculating and completely unworthy of leadership female who, against the most predictable and obvious conclusions, continues to succeed at battle school and forge a path to Command school.

-Alluding to his hate to authority, plus takes from her bio about being shown favor for some unknown reason.

The figure quietly slid off their bunk and padded barefoot past the rows of bunks.

-Another mention of padding - a clue towards the animal armies he's part of.

There was nothing in those expressionless eyes, but Teresa didn't need to see it to get that deep seeded feeling of distrust, resentment and hate.

-Hate of authority and the lack of expression alluding his inability to not make friends and social ineptness.

The ferocity of the beating was vicious and unrelenting till finally her bloodied body laid at the feet of the interloper, fists balled up and marked with her blood like a badge of dishonor.

-That might be a bit too much - alluding to badgers.

The figure returned to the Dragon Army barracks as quietly as before, washing the blood off in the bathroom in the dark with slow methodical movements.

-Not sure if this is really a clue - I was trying to push the psychoness.


round 3 mafia hit - stormie

Then the game shifted slightly; the children's faces changed from random ones to those in Dragon Army.

- I was trying to suggest that the game was being hacked.

A rifle, gun or hell...even a thick Calculus book would have been enough to win the scenario.

- Both Jinheim and Mike have math skills, but so does Stormie so that could be potentially over looked. If that's too close, feel free to adjust.

The pack just stood there, fangs still dripping with saliva but just staring her down - especially the front wolf, which was slightly larger and must have been the Alpha, she wagered. It kept the snarling pack at bay, its slanted pupil eyes glaring at her.

- Suggesting the GF is still alive. The Slanted pupils are to also suggest tiger eyes but that's pretty thin.

With savage agility the interloper brought down the book and smashed in her head.

- Against alluding to an animal that has incredible agility, Tigers.


Sk hit - Michael/Pharren

I dunno if I picked up on them all - I took out some because I am concerned about the amount of townies and feel we need to keep the SK around a little longer so the blood bath can continue .

I'm dangerous you know. Responsible for countless deaths, robberies and even the destruction of a government...kinda small though; I doubt its worth mentioning.

I thought this described the USA, MEC's home country, to a T.

I think there were two blue references, which would point to Montana 'Big Sky' and MEC's blue eyes - I took out one because it seemed too obvious :X

Yes, there was that one and the blue references...also in that one you have listed is the "Kinda small though" MEC's character is around middle height amongst all the kids.. so he's not big but not the smallest either. That line was serving two purposes so I'm glad you left it in there.

Yeah, I was sort of worried that it was too personable so I'm glad you changed that up a bit. The kicking and such at the end was a nice touch as well. I'm sure Pharren would like to go out kicking and screaming


Mafia hit - Gwendal

Mai wrote this one, I'll let her add since there were no notes on it.


SK hit - ABAY

It was frustrating, and oh so expected, so typical of those who thought themselves superior.

The voice spoke again, flatly. “I said. How do you say goodbye?”

And then silence.


SK hit - Jacob

With children moving about like cattle in a herd, getting in a last game or a few more minutes study time, the SK began to hum quietly.

Jacob sat on his bunk bed and looked at up the teachers - his large, wondrous eyes showing every hint of innocence that the SK knew was a lie.

He was no child, the SK saw, but he was no different than the rest. Unable, unlikely and unworthy.


Mafia hit - Emilio


They are stabbing Emilio in the back – eluding to someone he trusts being responsible.

Salvaggio brother – using his last name is a vague reference to the fact that another of his family is around.

“Looks like his ego...” This line is Jin comparing the probability that Emilio has ceased to be an asset and the following line mentioning it as a shame would be Armando.


SK hit - BizzBizz

'Oh, you're special. Right. A launchie in an ill fated army. Still, I bet being so small must pose many difficult situations.'

The smallish yet loud leader of the pack of dogs that were left in Dragon Army opened her mouth again.

Little BizzBizz, another judged unworthy and unrealistic;

ROzbeans 16 years ago
These are from our notes about the kill - Veri and Mai will probably add to it.

I enjoyed writing the mafia kill for stormie though. I kept imagining this little 6 year old Jacob violently beating the shit out of a kid twice his age. Such a violent little guy!
MEC 16 years ago
Wow, I thought that the SK laying in bed in Jacob's kill was a reference to my in context post in Teresa's death scene.
Den 16 years ago
WOW - I'm totally surprised I guessed anything, since I don't think I picked up on ONE of those clues! lol
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Roz just so you know there was no referencce to math in Stormie's bio....I despise math and figured would be best not put anything I can't talk about or defend. Hehehe
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I know what I did.

Specialty: (Such as mathematics, gunnery, mechanics) Intelligence and weapons

I kept thinking EVERYONE had listed Mathematics, not that it was an example. =x
FyreGarnett 16 years ago
silly Roz!!
SnowDragon 16 years ago
Yes silly silly Roz the Bean has you just making up things...hehe But it was a great game and thank you again to all the mods for hosting it and writing it up.
Mai 16 years ago
Sorry I'm late with mine but I've got a nasty cold. So here it is.

SK Hit: Round 3

“Ho, Michael.”

A reference to the fact that the SK wasn't very personable.

I'm dangerous you know. Responsible for countless deaths, robberies and even the destruction of a government...kinda small though; I doubt its worth mentioning.

This whole rant is similiar to how many people view the US...the place the SK was from.

He was also mid range in height, not the smallest but not the largest either.

Mafia Hit: Round 4

“How'd you manage to get in the storeroom?”

Because the godfather was good with computers and hacked into the security system.

The fact that they shoved Ducky out of the way suggested that at least one mafia member was big enough to do so.

Gwendal's analytical look at her food was a vague reference to Jin's character's expertise with statistics and probabality.

That's all that I can currently remember. Yes, this hit the clues were light but that was done to give the mafia hand because you guys were killing them too fast. You Bastards!

Mafia Hit: Round 5

“Looks like his ego has made him a liability to the team.”

This was Jin's character and his statistics and probability info.

“Shame, I s'pose, he was sorta useful.”

This would be the godfather expressing at least -some- remorse for having to kill his brother but because of their rivalry it wasn't a lot of guilt.

The sharp sting in his lower back; however, was a different matter

The person who would have been stabbing him in the back would be his brother. (I also figured that BR's alliance with Den through out the game would not have made this an overly obvious clue as it could have been reference to that team work suddenly going south.)

Emilio was clearly a natural leader and was taking several soldiers under his wing, while others planned what looked like a complicated maneuver at the opposite end.

The complicated maneuver would have been Jin's character's design. Not quite long term probability but he was the one most likely to be able to plot trajectories and speed to figure out when they needed to push off in order to have other students in a cluster for cover.