Font Halp! please :(

I'm tired of bangin' my head against the monitor looking for this font or a fairly similar one. Does anyone recognise the font used on the Tahoe Biltmore (black box) portion of this jpg?

Temprah 16 years ago
dang it, I do recognize it!! I'll have to look when I get home.
Den 16 years ago
I went through my list at work, but its small compared to home. I'll check there too when I get there
It does look very familiar
Lunna 16 years ago
I found it with Eve's help via whis website which is the absolute the coolest thing ---

It told me what the font was and where I could buy it. Of course I had to go look and see if I could get it for free... but yeah. Very very helpful bit of font help there.

O and the font name is Coronet