Web ppls input please

This is a question for the coders out there. I'll admit I don't fully understand what it takes to make a page work, but I do know design and im doing my best to keep things fairly simple here.

Let me tell you a little about our web guy. He's smart, so much so he's hard to communicate with. I don't get his explainations sometimes because they are so technical. He's also all about doing it his way, which is fine. He also doesnt ask questions if he comes across something that doesnt work with his "framework" .

My boss has asked me to redesign all of our ski pages. Part of the challenge there is make each one look a little differnt so that when someone is shopping for a ski package in ths area its not as obvious that they are doing business with the same company and not each individual hotel. So, I got to each casino or hotel and take a look at their website and match colors and general look and feel. Build PSD files for the web guy. The inside pages are really structured and we dont have alot of room for deviation so it's important to keep those pretty similar. Where we have the room to be differnt is the homepage. I work pretty hard to make those unique to the parent site. There is ZERO interface interaction on this page. NONE. The only thing that is interactive at all is the navigation at the top. It's just an intorductory splash page. Please correct me if I'm wrong (and explain) if there is any reason this page has to be just like the inside pages.

This is the page I designed:

This is what I got...

He wants to make the front page fit the template for his inside pages. He's throwing out statements like "well I'll have to go in and redesign the framework" at my boss which sounds like a scarey amount of money. And what it sounds like to me is "I just don't want to do anything differnt".

And to top it off... He didn't even bother to say this isnt working for me can you take another look at this...he just redesigned and sprung it on us. ullhair

What I'd like to know is, Am I being unreasonable for asking for this page to be differnt. Am I giving him something that's uber hard? Is there any reason this page has to be just like the inside pages?

thanks for your time... PS I can show you enterface links etc.

Vex 15 years ago
he's just being stupid.

tell him to do what he's being paid for and to stop feeding you bullshit about it.

there's no reason whatsoever the index ( home ) page HAS to fit the rest of the site's "framework" ( hi, seems like total irrelevant use of that word imo ). Template maybe, framework is something that a user wouldn't be able to see without looking at code.

yours looks a million times better than his. That border + dropshadow is so ameteur its making me queasy.

if you guys need someone to just code a couple pages, drop me a note :P i'll give you what you want as close as humanly possible without taking me own 'liberties' doing so.
FyreGarnett 15 years ago
definetly being lazy. recoding that page shouldn't take that long! And the one you designed looks a hell of a lot more proffessional than what he gave back. sounds like he's got templates set up for the rest of the site - which is pretty standard, since it becomes "fill-in-the-blanks" after you get that coded, saving tons of time in the longrun - and is being an ass about actually having to *omg* do some real work!
Lunna 15 years ago
Thanks for the feedback guys. I finally put my foot down and had a long talk with my boss. I still think this guy is gonna charge him a little too much to make the changes but we're willing to pay it if we can get what we want. The thing that agrivates me the most is him taking it apon himself to just throw something up there without saying this isn't working with my template, just to see if it will fly.