What I'm Feeling As of Late.

I don’t know why
But nothing seems
To make sense anymore
But it’s starting to be as it was before

Days full of sorrow
Because I did not have the courage
To stand next to that phone pick it up
And give her a call

I can’t explain it
But I know it’s happening
I can’t figure out why
But things are changing

Crying nonstop
And I don’t know why
I haven’t told anyone
And they can tell by the look in my eye
I can’t hide things easily

But at night especially is when I break down
And slowly die
At night, all I can do is just sit there
And cry

Sometimes I don’t even know where the tears even come from
All I can do is go along
I wish I had someone to talk to
But no one really knows
The way I am

I’m finding it hard
To wake up everyday
Not knowing
How things will work out
And in what way

Whether it be happiness or pain
I will never know what tomorrow
Will bring

So for now I will just sit here and cry
While my heart fades inside
And I slowly die

Wrote this oh I don't remember when but found it digging through my Deviant art site and figured i would share.