Family Camera - Tree Relocation

Shortly after we moved into our house, we had one of those faux cement driveways put in, where they bring in crushed cement and the weight of your car plus water = hard driveway. Unfortunately it covered half the root system of a beautiful maple tree in our side yard, and over the last 6-7 years it has slowly died.

Mom decided Saturday that we should cut down the dead half of the huge maple in our side yard, since we're getting the roof done soon*.
So I climbed up pretty high and cut some of the big branches that would hit the house.
Then we tied my brother to the tree to use the chainsaw.
This is the final sixty seconds of the half of the tree.

75MB movie.

*The "papers" state they should be finished by the 21st. That's Wednesday. Unfortunately, there's only one clear day in the forecast this week. AND! they haven't even started yet.