Devil in a blue dress, part 2/4

Devil in a blue dress (2/?)


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SPOILER WARNING: Sixth season to Biogenesis

RATING: In the Bible belt, this is punishable by death.

CONTENT WARNING: mind candy good!

CLASSIFICATION: MSR/UST/V/Slash (not quite that shocking though)

SUMMARY: Part Two of Devil…and the question is asked…When was the last time?

AUTHOR NOTES: This isn’t going to be a 20 parter…depending on the feedback we’ll see how long I can keep it going. But I gauge my work on my own attention span (hardee har har) so bear with me.

DISCLAIMER: If Chris Carter sued me, you think he’d give me his autograph?

Devil in a blue dress Part Two

“I just came to ask you something, Agent Scully.” Her eyes flickered with an unresponsive answer. Krycek half grinned and asked, “I was just wondering, when was the last time you were properly fucked Agent Scully?”

‘Jesus, have I ever been?’ Scully thought for a moment. She actually considered the question before remembering who was asking it. Her face recoiled with disgust (or was is curiosity?) “Go to hell.”

A full grin now. “Mulder not giving it to you right, Agent Scully?”

She sighed heavily, “I always figured you to be an intellectual, Krycek…a rat fink intellectual, but a smart guy just the same. Just cut the frat boy mouth and tell me what you want.”

“An honest answer to an honest question, Agent Scully.” He stood still well within her personal space, his features betraying the elation he was feeling. Was it making her uncomfortable, he wondered or maybe just a tad curious. Scully dropped her head back against the doorframe. His eyes were dark and practically setting her on fire. She hasn’t had a man look at her like that for years, at least a man that wasn’t Mulder. Krycek certainly wasn’t Mulder and it was that thought that stopped her, giving her that sobering effect that let her answer slip quietly from her lips.

“A long time, Krycek. A very, very long time.”

He didn’t think she’d answer, and despite the coldness that spread inside him like a virus, he felt surprise well up in him. She was beyond words, her beauty. She was no angel, glistening in the stars above, but he knew a good looking woman when he saw one and from the moment he saw her it was a constant thought. And a redhead too, no wonder Mulder cherished this one more than the others. He himself had watched her from afar and tonight, for no other reason than it was convenient for him, he decided to explore Mulder ’s obsession.

So when those soft, ruby lips opened up and answered with just short of an invitation, the surprise caught him off guard. He leaned in close with a predatory look, the smile fading from his face. “That seems hard to believe, what with Mulder so close to you.”

She flushed at the tone of his voice and thought to herself, ‘what the hell was she thinking doing this. One moment its Mulder touching her in places she dreamed about just the night before, like every night and then she’s here practically suggesting to herself that she sleep with the enemy just because he brought up a good point’. It was during this long thought when she felt Krycek's lips on her neck and if she wasn’t mistaken (because its been a long time she reminded herself) a noticeable bulge pressing into her stomach.


Maybe the moment he was referring was not the first. This dawned on him as he watched Scully back away with such sudden force that she banged against the door. The ‘moment’ had come and gone almost a year ago and within that year he managed to damage any chance he might’ve had with Scully. It was many incidents culminating to what had to be the pinnacle, the cherry on top, and the grand pooh bah of his stupidity.

Trusting Diana Fowley over Dana Scully.

All this occurred to him as Scully murmured an apology and left, the door swinging open not letting him forget that it was he she was fleeing from. He caught the door with his left hand and swung it back closed. Fox Mulder stood staring at the door with a decidedly beaten look on his face. She would not want to talk to him or rather he would not want to face that kind of humiliation again, even though it was well deserved. She would want her space.

A lot of space.

So why was he parked in front of her building? Why was he gripping the steering wheel as if it were a bucking bull ready to throw him off? Why wasn’t he listening to his inner voice that was telling him ‘leave, leave right now!’? He looked into the lit window and then back to the dashboard. Window. Dashboard. Fight. Flight. Hit. Stay. It was going to be embarrassing, maybe more for him than her. With a flinch he grabbed the car door handle and opened the door.

He stood in front of her door for a minute. Then he turned to leave. He stopped himself and stood again directly in front of her door. With a color expletive he gave in and raised his hand to knock the door when it suddenly bulged outward at him and he heard it.

A moan, a distinct Dana Scully moan.

“Sc-?” He started. The look on his face, if it hadn’t been for the seriousness of the situation would be comical. Mulder’s mouth had parted with confused wrinkles of frustration creasing up his forehead and around his eyes. His raised hand held shoulder level stopped mid motion. From the other side of the doors came the noise again accompanying more creaking of the door. ‘For the love of god’ he thought to himself. His arm went lax and it gently grazed the door in a half knock of sorts. The creaking stopped.

Mulder’s expression smoothed suddenly. With a deep breath he poised his right hand again to knock when he heard a soft click of the door unlocking. It opened revealing the flushed face of Alex Krycek.


Scully saw it coming and backed away from the range of the door as soon as Krycek opened it. With a slam of the door, just missing Krycek’s face, Mulder pushed in the door with such force he put a hole in the wall next to the doorframe with the doorknob. The gust from the door swept the sweat glistened hair from her face as she backed away. She looked from Krycek to Mulder and what she saw there settled any bets about this being quite possibly the worst night of her life.

Mulder lunged at Krycek, grabbing him by the collar and turned to throw him out of the apartment. He threw him so hard it knocked the air out of Krycek and he watched him slide down the wall dazed. Mulder then turned to Scully, she half leaned against the couch covering her mouth with her hand. He took in her appearance. Her hair was disheveled, pressing against her forehead with sweat. Her jacket was off and on thrown haphazardly on the couch behind her. Her low tank top dress revealed soft red welts on her neck and collarbone and the bottom half of her dress which swayed at her ankles was wrinkled to the waist. Her lips were swollen and red.

Mulder turned back to Krycek who was slowly picking himself up off the ground. ‘Don’t smile. Don’t smile. Don’t you fucking dare smile,’ Mulder thought to himself. Krycek saw the murderous look in Mulder’s now dark eyes and saw the warning. Mulder took two long steps and was within inches of the other man’s face.

He didn’t have to say anything.

Krycek slid against the wall with a look to Scully in the apartment and walked away.

Mulder walked back into the door to Scully’s apartment without looking at her. He closed the door and locked it. He turned and looked at her.

She should all but a have a tattoo on her ass with Mulder’s name on it. It angered and repulsed her but she was scared just the same. She was a grown woman and she could do whatever she wanted, with whomever she wanted, but she was still scared. With a sigh she pushed the hair out of her face, turned and faced Mulder looking him deep in the eye daring him to say something. Which he did.

He took a couple steps closer to her and looked down his nose at her. With a thick, disgusted tone he spoke. “You fucked him.”

“But good too, Mulder.”


End of Part Two