Christmas Spirit Plan - a poem

You told me you were going to head home
From your familial domicile
I know the drive is long at night
Fifty numbers the very long miles

Family frustrations struck you deep
And away you felt you needed to fly
But your Christmas spirit wouldn't keep
I imagined its loss would make you cry

A plan occurred and energized my brain
As I asked the chef to consider a favor
I would stock my car much as a freight train
And bring you a Christmas to savor

Nothing fancy, a dinner for two
Straight from my own family's table
Hope we could share it, me and you
And start our own Christmas fable

Ham and potatoes, lasagna with cheese
Buckled into the car's front seat
With some serving I'd hope to please
Your Christmas spirit with this treat

And maybe your belly, too, would be full
As we watched some cliche Holiday show
I'd hope in your smile there'd be nary a lull
As we danced to Christmas songs, to and fro

Christmas Spirit is meant to be shared, you see
And I'd hoped I could do so with you
But you went to some closer family
And my Plan I wouldn't be able to do.

I'm glad this Christmas you're not alone
And for you I hope there's no more fight
But if there is, pick up your phone
I'll be with you for dinner, faster than light