The M Word - a poem

I see you cower in fear
When you hear the M-word
The worst thing in your few years
It must be that you've heard

Your lip, it quivers fearfully
As your plate is carried away
You cry out so tearfully
"I promise I'll behave!"

But when you start to act up again
The word is said aloud
Your eyes get wide and then
The manager comes around...

(wrote this at the table in a chinese buffet... kid behind us was SO VERY misbehaved, his Dad kept threatening him with taking away the kid's plate, so I wrote this, giggling the whole time.)

ROzbeans 14 years ago
Did he hit him with the plate?
Elfykins 14 years ago
lmao....I used to tell my daughter the manager would get her if she misbehaved in a restaurant...too funny