Devil in a blue dress, part 3/4

Devil in a blue dress (3/?)


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SPOILER WARNING: Sixth season to Biogenesis

RATING: Harmful if swallowed

CONTENT WARNING: mind candy good!


SUMMARY: Questions are asked which have always been anticipated, but some answers don’t require words.

AUTHOR NOTES: Part three of Devil in a blue dress series. Oh, I realize I made an error in the layout of Scully’s apartment. In the Eddie episode it looked as if there was a couch by her front door, but in earlier episodes the front door opens to the kitchen and then the living room. I’m going on the assumption that the latter is more current. The front door that leads into the living room. With the kitchen to the left, the couch is right in front of the door.


Also in regards to the path this story is taking. I’ll be honest with you, I’m ashamed. I know where this story is going and quite frankly I feel awful about it. Let me try and explain. I suppose in all of us there are two closets. One we take from to dress ourselves in our day to day normal life, then there’s the other closet (not that closet-not that there’s anything wrong with that closet). The one with the wonder woman short pants hung haphazardly on a wire hanger, the one with the artificial rubber neck we use to look at car crashes, but most importantly the one with the trap door to the Dark Side. I’ve gotten feedback (which is most appreciated) that has expressed an interest to see the latter closet and ashamed though I am, I feel a need to try on those hot pants and take a walk on the dark side. I know you can dig it.

DISCLAIMER: If Chris Carter sued me, you think he’d give me his autograph?

Devil in a blue dress – Part Three

So, it wasn’t so much what he said, but with what body part he was using to convey that message. As Dana Scully was pressed up against the front door of her apartment, another thought crossed her mind, ‘there is a lot to be said for the sensation of a hard penis pressed into your midsection’.

She could feel his hot breath on her neck as she relaxed in his rough embrace. Alex Krycek was having his way with her and damn it, she liked it. His hands were creeping down the material of her ankle length dress, pressing the skin hard enough to bruise. To Scully surprise she pressed her hips forward and moaned, causing Krycek to gather up the material of her dress till it was waist high and he pressed his hips against her, pinning her unmercifully to the wall.

Suddenly guilt rose up in Scully. ‘Mulder’ she thought. Today she finally got the answer to a question asked long ago from Mulder. She felt the gentleness of his touch and the sincerity of his words as he gently ran his fingers down her throat not less than an hour ago. She saw the raw emotion in Mulder’s eyes and it frightened her, actually it pained her. Scully looked into his eyes and saw love there, but she could not separate that look from the intense look he gave her defending Diana Fowley, a name and woman that would haunt her personal relationship with Mulder forever, or at least part of her forever. She loved Mulder, after seven years of almost constant contact, seven years of friendship and partnership she could not help the feelings she had for him, but it was his mere touch that brought the feeling of betrayal to her heart and that was something she could not tolerate. So there she was, pressed up against the wall by Mulder’s mortal enemy.

Krycek was to Mulder what Diana was to her. No, the irony was not lost.

As Mulder sat contemplating Scully’s want for space out in front of her building, Scully felt the distinct pleasure/pain of Alex Krycek. His lips seared her neck as he dragged his kisses up her neck and he captured her lips with his. His hand grabbing her hips painfully as he thrust his groin hard against hers. Scully felt her hands blindly grope for the buckle of his belt, undoing that and then the slacks he was wearing. He gnawed his teeth at her neck as he pushed at her panties, not even bothering to slip them off, but pushed the cotton crotch to the side.

Their breathing came heavy now as she gripped his engorged goodfellow and he unceremoniously lifted her legs up and around his hips, entering her with such force she cut off a scream of pleasurable pain. With her legs wrapped around his waist he pushed inside her, first slow but hard, gauging her expression of his actions on her face. They looked into each other’s eyes and what Scully found there gave her no comfort, but sent her reeling with lust as she took in the realization of just who was fucking her senseless against the front door of her apartment.

She grabbed at his neck and digging her nails into scalp and she relished the look of pain that crossed his face. His pace picked up and Scully felt the inevitable burning from below and she let out a low, guttural moan. His face tightened, as he felt her tighten her muscles around him, her body tensing with a rhythm that sent him exponentially closure to his end. With his right hand he grabbed the delicate skin at her throat and kissed her savagely on her mouth, stealing away her breath as she gasped with delight. Kissing her he reached for her breast and squeezed suddenly, singling the ending stretch of their coupling and as he thrust hard once against her, the door creaked loudly with force. Again she held back a scream that turned into a blood-warming moan behind her clenched teeth and he thrust hard into her again, coming hard in her. Scully dug her nails into his shoulders as she silently came when she suddenly heard a faint knock at her door.

Released from Krycek, Scully slid slowly back down as they stared at each other, thinking the same thing.



Moments later Scully watched Mulder and Krycek out in the hall. Krycek took one look at her and slithered away. The disgust of her actions pooled silently in her stomach. As Mulder turned she looked away and listened to him swing the front door shut and lock it. Again the guilt rose up in her, this time mingling with fear. With a sigh she pushed the hair out of her face, turned and to Mulder looking him deep in the eye daring him to say something, which he did.

He took a couple steps closer to her and looked down his nose at her. With a thick, disgusted tone he spoke. “You fucked him.”

“But good too, Mulder."

She watched the anger flush up into his face and his body become rigid. He was silent a moment more. His intense scrutiny was angering her further. “And I have nothing to explain to you, Mulder.”

Still he was silent.

“You have no right to stand there and judge me, Mulder,” she said as her blue eyes stared coldly at him. What was she saying, she thought to herself. Guilt held no bounds now and it was strangling her slowly with each word. He had every right, every unspoken right to stand there now and demand an explanation, to demand something from her and she knew it.

“Well, Mulder?” She asked angrily.

“I was just wondering.” The softness of his voice was a dark contrast to the tone of her’s. “Was that all it took?”

“What?” Her eyebrows crinkled.

You went straight from the office to here. I was practically behind you. Did Krycek take in minutes what I’ve been waiting patiently for years?”

“Take? Krycek didn’t take anything.”

A cruel smile crossed his face. “Oh so it was that easy for him?” Her hand came up and slapped Mulder hard across the face. “You’re slapping me?” He asked incredulously.

“That was a long time coming, Mulder.” The rage she flew into was beyond her understanding. Of course she’s shot Mulder, but she had never felt the urge to strike him. The desire to do it again was teetering on the edge. “A long time coming.” She turned away from him and headed for her bathroom. Four long strides and he was behind her. He grabbed her left wrist painfully.

“I’m only stating the obvious, which is you FUCKED the rat and you’re slapping me?” He tightened his grip on her wrist. It surprised him that he enjoyed it when she flinched slightly. Scully pulled on her wrist and with her other hand slapped him again. He grabbed that wrist and he yanked her forward. “Had I any idea it was just a matter of taking, Scully this would’ ve happened years ago.”

‘This would’ve happened’ rang in her ears. She pulled against his hands only to be rewarded with a painful squeeze. She was definitely going to be bruised tomorrow. This wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Krycek wasn’t supposed to happen though yet it did. “Let go of me, Mulder.” Scully was trying to sound intimidating but with Mulder pulling her closer and closer, her voice was loosing its biting edge.

“Are you really that easy, Scully? Oh wait, there was Philadelphia. That should’ve been a tip off.”

Scully surged forward, momentarily confusing Mulder and planted her knee so far up his groin he was sure he felt it vibrate off his teeth. He let go of her and hit the ground in a heap. Scully turned again to the safety of her bathroom when she felt Mulder’s hand close around her ankle. He jerked on it and it sent her flying flat to the ground. Mulder was crawling up her body, pressing her to the floor when he uttered painfully, “I don’t get it Scully.” He gasped to regain some composure from her attack. “I wait seven years and all I get is two slaps and a kick to the nuts, but you give it to Krycek first?”

“What’s the difference Mulder, you gave your trust to Diana, what does it matter what I give to Krycek?” She yelled into his face. She thought if she ever talked to him about Diana she would cry but she felt no tears. There was nothing but pure unadulterated anger.

Mulder stopped, “Diana? What does she have to do with us.”

“There is no ‘us’ Mulder. There hasn’t been for sometime and I guarantee there never will be.”

“You don’t believe that.”

“Yes Mulder I do. Now get the fuck off me!”

He did. He slid off her and sat down. “Do I mean that little to you?” His shock was evident.

“You meant everything to me, Mulder. As much as I thought I meant to you.”

“You are everything.”

“Then why did you choose her?”

“I didn’t.”

“You called her, Mulder. Not me. You called her for help, when it used to be me you called.”

“But she wasn’t the one I wanted in my bed for the past seven years.”

‘Now that’s enlightening’, Scully thought to herself.


End of Part Three