Roseanne rips into Oprah & Obama

Got to say I didn't think I would agree with Roseanna Barr very often but wow she makes some points that I am *so* in synch with and I have to agree on her assessment of Oprah.

Xandare 16 years ago
Oprah's a Pompus Windbag..
ROzbeans 16 years ago
Temprah 16 years ago
Exactly. And at that point one's priorities do not line up with the general populace when it comes to taxation or many other things. Do I give a crap about the estate or gift tax laws? Does alternative minimum tax law concern me? Nope. And I know there are bound to be TONS of things the wealthy know of and are concerned with that most of the United State's population could care less about since it doesn't apply to us.

It's one of the more valid of the political party generalizations. Republicans tend to appeal more to the affluent because they (generally) protect the interests of corporate America and the wealthy. Democrats have the distinction of being more for the "average" person or "blue collar" worker. Accusing Oprah of voting with her pocketbook is not impossible to see. It's scary to think that she can (and does even if unconsciously) use the very considerable influence she has over many American fans by endorsing the candidate of her choice.

This presidential run looks to easily be a first for the history books. Potentially the first woman to run for the office of President (Ferraro was the VP candidate so not the same) or the first African American to be the candidate for one of the major 2 political parties (I am positive there have been 3rd party candidates in the past.. Jesse Jackson I think?)

I'm not trying to spout out my political views but I do think the point of an anti union candidate managing to get the endorsement of a union is worth considering. I mean seriously.. Yes Obama is a Democrat but to pick him over Edwards, someone who is pro union? What the heck?

And BTW I'm not for Edwards OR Obama. =)
ROzbeans 16 years ago
I'm team Obama, but not because Oprah endorses him. I really find it arrogant when celebrities come out and 'endorse' candidates. What do I care who Oprah or Scarlett Johansen supports? Maybe I just think the White House needs a little color up in there!
Verileah 16 years ago
I like how no one even blinks at her calling McCain a facist .
Sergon 16 years ago
Hillary is a socialist and one step from a communist. My biggest issue with liberal politicians is that they actually believe people cant take of themselves and that they know whats best for all of us. Add in the fact that nothing she stands for applies to her. I am for no candidate atm but alot of the taxation issues apply to me, my family, and my girlfriend who will be my wife at some point. I am a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. I will say this if Hils the dem candidate I will vote against her. I don't care who the republicans field. At this point Im not voting unless that happens. That has nothing to do with her sex btw. It's her track record and her stand on about 90 percent of the issues.

At this point Obhama and Huckabee are the only ones that even peak my interest.

ROzbeans 16 years ago
I like how no one even blinks at her calling McCain a facist .

Well, let's take into consideration WHO is criticizing. Roseanne. Roseanne Barr? I haven't watched it yet but who else could it be and...who the hell cares what she says?
Verileah 16 years ago
*nods at Sergon* It does kind of feel like a vote for Hillary in the primaries is a vote for a republican president.
Den 16 years ago
LOL - I like Roseanne, as a comedian.

I don't agree with her politics, but I do agree with her take on Oprah.

I don't think I've ever seen such a media whore as Oprah, nor anyone who is so impressed with their life, and the fact that they know a lot of celebrities, and parties with them all the time, or the fact that they just have to spout off about their wealth all the time, like she does. Sure she grew up poor, but okay...she did very well for herself...does she constantly need to rub everyone's face in the fact?