Timing Missed - a poem

I know you'd been feeling unwell
And I wanted to bring you a surprise
So imagine my excitement when
I saw the semi-joke in your IM with my eyes

I showered super lightning quick
And a grocery store near you I found
In my pockets a list I did stick
I ran out to the car to drive around

I was on my way to your place
A vision etched upon my mind
I'd pick you up soup as you'd joked
But annoyance I hoped you'd not find

On my way, though, my phone did ring
Barely a quarter of the way to you
Someone did a very strange thing
You wanted my advice on what to do

A knock on your door, you found at your feet
An unlabeled gift of a Quizno's soup treat
And as you looked to find the placer
Your ex left the lot, faster than Speed Racer

So in a panic, you rang my phone
At first you were scared to be alone
I answered quick, and paused for a bit
You told me the sitch, I thought "oh shit"

I kept on driving, thought you needed an ear
Told you the truth of why you'd find me there
Romantically awed it sounded you were
But the ex had ruined it with timing, for sure

You said "thanks for the thought, but you should turn back"
A heeding for your wishes I had an immediate lack
And continued on, til an epiphany struck
As I headed home, realized it was just my luck

Points to be scored were not in my plan
As I drove to make soup and hold your hand
The opportunity was there, but for timing was missed
And I find myself minutely slightly more than pissed.

(( The girl I've been trying to date for the last month has been sick this week. She put up a semi-joking IM, "I wish for a knight in shining armor and white horse to bring me soup, lol".
So I got the great idea to show up at her door with a rotisserie chicken and ingredients for soup and maybe pick up flowers and say "Would you accept a geek in a black ford?"
So I showered, was on my way, and she called me saying her ex had left her soup. Ruining my plan because of the bad feelings between them. Dammit.
Then I find out that, in over two years they were together, he'd never done ANYTHING like that for her... and of course the day I go to, he does, completely screwing up my plan. Dammit.
AND! she says that it woulda been such a romantic gesture... double dammit. ))