You Asked - a poem

You asked if I'd write you a poem
Before next we planned to meet
Now that it seems our date won't happen
The poem I was tempted to delete

But my poems are my outlet
The window to my mind and heart
And to remove a doorway into them
I do not plan or want to start.

I do not plan to share it, though
For your opinion of me I cannot sway
But I think that I should let you know
I'd become infatuated with you anyway

Your brain, your mind, your keen intellect
your heart, and soul, your healthy self-respect
Your smile, so striking, hazel eyes, they shine
Beautiful body, whether sitting or standing in line

My flaws may number a couple more than some
Of the forefront two, you were aware
Stomach problems, and yes I still live at home
Changed your mind after compromise and early care

I didn't think I was taking one
I wish I was able to stand up to your test
But since we've ended our dating run
I wish and hope for you to gain life's best.