Stolen Artwork

For those who don't read DA journal of christel-b and not aware , there is TONS of stolen artwork on this site. Some of which belong to Adiene & Vex.

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Vex 16 years ago
ugh, i don't care enough to look through a thousand images just to find a couple of mine. they aren't selling it so its not really hurting me.
the---virus 16 years ago
Thanks for linking to the journal, looking now if i cant find anything familiar to me
Adiene 16 years ago
yeah .. I can't read any of that hehe Thanks for the link I've updated my TOU on my artwork . Basicly if they are not making any money off of it and distorting it badly then its ok )
ROzbeans 16 years ago

I got ripped too. Granted he has my name in the file name, but I still didn't get asked. I don't even like this piece though =x I emailed photobucket - a lot of good that'll do.
ROzbeans 16 years ago
OH shit. A whopping 1 minute later...

Dear Roz,

Thank you for your request. Photobucket removed the content located at the
following link(s):¤t=all_i_want_is_you_by_Rozbeans.jpg,
which request was based on your stated belief that such content infringes your
copyrights. As you may be aware, Photobucket does not itself distribute,
store, or make available most of the content or files available through its
service. Rather, most all such files or content are put forth by individual
users, and Photobucket has limited control over the content its users may
choose to share. Nevertheless, Photobucket respects copyright laws and
expects its users to do the same.

Please be advised that Photobucket has removed the above-mentioned content
from its website.

Photobucket's response as set forth herein is a good-faith attempt to
courteously comply with your request at face value. It should not be taken as
an admission or acknowledgment, of any kind, and Photobucket expressly
reserves all rights at law or in equity.

Should you have any questions about this matter, please contact Photobucket's
Designated Copyright Agent:

Alex Welch
Copyright Agent, Inc.
PO Box #13003
Denver, CO 80201
Fax: (303) 532-1099


Your Photobucket Support Team

FyreGarnett 16 years ago
wow. makes sense though - the last thing they want is to get slammed for copyright infringement. too much of a hot topic on the web
Den 16 years ago
Good for Photobucket, and you too ROz.
Lillaanya 16 years ago
Ya photobucket is actually really quick to respond, and they don't give you crap about it...they just remove the pics.
Rikr 16 years ago
Vishanti 16 years ago
That kicks ass. Yet... that leaves a lot of room for abuse. There just is no really clean solution, is there?