Honored Thanks - a poem

I'd thought it was really strange
When she asked me about the Bard
It'd been so long since he'd been forefront
Calling him forth was kind of hard

I tried to find some old old shots
Of his non-bannable exploits
But finding them was about as difficult
As finding a homebuyer in Detroit

Somewhere lost in the past on a drive
There were none that I'd saved to be ready
Though even when I'd been frantically twisting
On the "screenshot key" my finger tapped steady

I should have been suspicious and wary
When she asked me out of the blue
On whose likeness I tended to carry
Around with me when living life through

I answered her question true and full
And it was asked, now I see why
The honor you bestowed upon me
Feels like it's being accepted by some other guy

In denial I am, and feel a little teary
as I read again the kind thoughts and speech
But my thanks I rhyme to express
As for a kleenex my hand does reach.

Verileah 14 years ago
Hee. We are so sneaky!