Devil in a blue dress, part 4/4

Devil in a blue dress (4/4)


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SPOILER WARNING: Sixth season to Biogenesis

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SUMMARY: Welcome to the dark side.

AUTHOR NOTES: Part Four of Devil in a blue dress. I’ll be perfectly blunt, this is NOT a love story, but it sure was interesting to write – I’ll tell you that much. Enjoy.

Devil in a blue dress part four

It annoyed her. ‘It’ being her sitting on her living room floor having to explain what shouldn’t have to be to Mulder. ‘It’ being the tension that was constant and overflowing between them. ‘It’ being the obvious leap over the line of professionalism she spent years building and trying to maintain between them. ‘It’ being the fact that she had sex with another man, evil doer Alex Krycek, to get even with another, Fox Mulder her partner. It annoyed her that she cared enough to have revenge sex and that she just didn ’t have sex for the fun of it. But it was his words to her that annoyed her the most.

“This Diana obsession is really starting to get on my last fucking nerve, Scully.”

They had ended in a heap in front of her fireplace after he tackled her to the ground. There was a heated exchange about her sexual romps and she had asked why he picked Diana Fowley over her. He had countered that it was in fact her, not Diana that he wanted in his bed. Which was too little too late. “So that wasn’t her that picked up your phone that day before you admitted in the psych ward?”

“I don’t remember much of that, Scully. You know that.”

“Did she tuck you in, Mulder?” Her voice mimicked sarcastic innocence. She curled her legs underneath her and cocked her head to the side as she plastered a nasty smile on her face. “Were you all wrapped up like bugs in a rug, Mulder?”

Mulder reached out and grabbed her wrists, yanking her forward. He spoke directly into her face. “So you resort to retaliatory sex just to piss me off?”

“Fucking Krycek wasn’t about you, Mulder. Me fucking anyone,” there were allusions there that were not missed on Mulder’s part, “isn’t always about you.” This was of course a lie, a lie she told herself over and over again as Krycek pounded into her, a lie that, as all lies, that led to the inevitable truth.

Mulder’s grip on her wrists tightened slowly. He was breathing quickly through his nose and staring deeply into her eyes. Her eyes crinkled as he applied more and more pressure to her wrists. They would for sure have bruises in the morning, but he didn’t care. Her delicate, white skin seemed tainted now with remnants of Krycek reeking from her. All he had ever wanted from her was now tainted it seemed. His jaw clenched he lifted her up off the floor and pushed her in the direction of her kitchen. Scully stumbled against her kitchen table. He slowly walked towards her and she saw the predatory look in his eye. “It’s never been about me, Scully.” He kept walking till she backed up against the wooden kitchen table. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her roughly towards him. There was no mistaking his actions or the feel of him.

“Let go of me, Mulder.” She railed against him as he held her so tight the air was squeezing out of her.

“Although its been about me and what I wanted from the Xfiles,” with one arm around her waist, he reached over her pushing arms and down into her tank top dress, grabbing hold of one of her breasts with his other hand. “But it has never been what I wanted from you.”

She flailed against him now, hating him for taking it from her and hating herself for wanting him to take more. “It’s not that easy, Mulder. Its not yours for the taking.”

“I never thought it would be easy, Scully. I wouldn’t have this any other way.” And with that he released her breast and spun her around. She hit the corner of the table as he shoved her forward against it. “But I won’t take seconds, especially seconds from what Krycek had.” He grabbed her wrists again as Scully fell forward against the wooden tabletop. She suddenly felt the coldness of handcuffs. She heard one click around one wrist and he leaned forward on top of her, across the width of the table to encircle the other cuff through the slats of her kitchen chair and clicked the other cuff on her free hand. She was horizontal with the tabletop, her feet barely touching the ground.

She pulled against the cuffs, but she had no leverage and she fell flat again onto the tabletop. “Mulder, you fuck. Take these off!” She turned and looked at him over her shoulder, her hair was disheveled and covering her eyes. There she was, handcuffed and angry enough to spit. He stepped back and looked at her in a long pale blue tank dress that swayed deliciously at her ankles. She was his devil in a blue dress. What he did next made her matching blue eyes go wide.

He grabbed her hips and pushed his crotch against her ass. He heard her inhale quickly. She could feel his erection through his clothes. The dark jeans and matching black shirt that showed off the muscles in his arms and chest. It was a warm night in Georgetown so no trademark leather jacket was near by, but the fact that he looked like a dark angel come to claim her soul for the devil made her bite her lip as he pressed against her. She felt him reach down for the bottom of her dress, his chest pressing lightly into her back and she watched him as he ran his hands up the back of her legs as he drew it up slowly.

Mulder relished the feel of her skin against his fingertips. He drew his nails along the backs of her thighs as he gathered the material and pushed it up over her perfect, petite ass. He gripped her underwear and ripped them off savagely, making what he was about to do all that much easier. He left the panties fall to the floor and then he reached forward and underneath her with his left hand and the fingers of his right searched for the center of her legs. She pushed against him as the right hand found the sweet spot. Through clenched teeth Scully hissed at him, “Stop, Mulder.”

“You don’t want me to stop, Scully.” He circled the infamous button to her pleasure. He teased all around the candy like button. “I don’t want to stop anyway.” He pulled his left hand back and undid the button of his jeans.

“Mulder,” she couldn’t help the slight hitch in her voice. She didn’t want him to stop; there was no kidding anyone about that anymore. She pulled against the cuffs as she pressed her forehead against the coolness of the tabletop. She could hear him unzip his jeans and she bit her lip to keep from moaning. “Mulder not like this.”

“Well, not the way you think, at least Scully.” He pulled himself out and touched her center, rubbing the tip of his engorged goodfellow up and down. “Not the way you had it with Krycek.”

That made her stop. She turned to look at him as he leaned forward and pushed up her dress to expose her back. He ran his tongue from the base of her spine up. “Not the way…?” Then it hit her like a jackhammer between the eyes. “Mulder no!” He nodded at her with a sly grin. “Mulder not like that, I’ve never done that.”

“That’s the point, Scully.” Then he entered her.

Scully pulled so hard at the handcuffs that the pain from the metal tearing her skin was nothing compared to Mulder tearing her. He wasn’t taking seconds; he was forging new territory as he fucked her, literally, from behind. But the pain was exquisite and she felt him fill her completely, as every muscle in her back seemed to spasm as he pumped slowly once. Then pumped again. Mulder had only once taken a woman that way and it had actually been by accident. It all tends to get slippery down there. The experience had been quick, but one he wanted to repeat again. It was tight, warm and just a little painful, but it was the most erotic thing he had ever done in his life. He listened to the whimpered grunts from Scully as her entire body tensed with luxurious pain. She pulled herself forward and her hands gripped the chair so tight her knuckles were white. She turned her head and tried to speak, “Oh, Mul…der” was all she could get out. Her face was tight with bitter lust.

Mulder started to pump faster. The sensation was a hundred times stronger and he felt himself come closer and closer to the edge. Through a clenched mouth he moaned, “This…this is…about me…Scu-,” he lost his words as an intense wave of physical sensations washed over him. They were both moaning loudly now. He grasped her hips and pumped wildly into her. The table started to move underneath them as he dug his nails into her skin and started to come. He pulled out and finished himself onto the floor beneath them. He fell forward and leaned over Scully. She turned to look at him again, her breathing deep and quick. She jiggled the handcuffs at him. He reached up and undid one, releasing her from the chair. She planted her feet on the floor and pushed up. He stood back and looked at her as he pulled his jeans back up. With the handcuffs still dangling from her right hand she looked at him and she pushed the hair out of her face, her dress dropping back down to her ankles. Then she balled up her fist and hit him dead in the face.

The metal of the cuffs caught his lip and it split open. He stumbled back and his hand covered his mouth. He pulled it away and looked at the blood on his hand from his mouth. He smiled. ‘Touché.”

Scully stood there with a profoundly deep look on her face. It had all started with one question, ‘when was the last time she was properly fucked?’ One thing was for sure, she’d have a good story to tell the next time someone wanted to know.

Hoo-boy, did she ever.

the end