Now this is something I want


Den 16 years ago
WOW - price doesn't seem that bad.
Vex 16 years ago
healing would be so much easier with that !!!
Sergon 15 years ago

Another new controller using the same type of interface.

Mylec 15 years ago
I read an article in Popular Science about the helmet a few months back. Pretty cool. Too bad they didnt have that back when we all played EQ1, we would have seen Rastmaj's wizard fall to the ground everytime he fell asleep at a raid
Kelefane 15 years ago
Sergon 15 years ago

katlienc 15 years ago
A "brain controlled input device" is vaguely frightening to me LOL. I shudder to think what would happen if you sneezed.
Verileah 15 years ago
*snorts at Mylec*

I sort of wonder if he did that to get attention :\.