3d apps : Vista or XP64 bit?

Anyone know of incompatibilities with Vista and Poser / Daz|Studio? Or any with XP 64bit?

Vex 16 years ago
i know of people who've used them on 64bit systems but you'd have to visit each product page to read whether they can actually benefit the extra RAM 64bit allows.
Sergon 16 years ago
I would say go with XP 64 there will likely be patches already built and XP as a whole has performed better. Vista SP1 is coming out now and it does fix a lot of things. I cant speak to the apps your going to use since I do not run any of them. I personally have had a good experience with Vista for what I use it for. Of course it takes gutting out the bloat and setting things up correctly but so does XP. I know Vex had some issues but you guys also run many programs that I don't.