SK Hit 2: I feel so broke up, I wanna go home

I figured you guys would rather have this early then have to wait until I woke up. So, here is the SK post. I sleep now.


The port city was, like many other towns that catered to pirates, both exciting and dangerous. It had more than its fair share of hidden alleys and shady dealings....

It also had quite a few bars.


The Captain was bumped backwards into a patron of the local “establishment” (If one could call the crowded,ramshackle, leaky roofed shack such a place) and felt something wet spill onto her back. She sighed loudly, mourning the loss of the crushed velvet coat that was now totally ruined by cheap swill.

Glaring at the blonde tramp that shoved her, the Captain snarled.

“Look, Darling.” The Captain's voice dripped with sugary sarcasm. “I cannot be held responsible for your inability to entertain your man.”

The woman grinned mirthlessly as the wench screeched and lunged for her eyes. Several men pulled the fair haired woman away kicking and screaming towards the door. The Captain then smiled a true smile and turned back towards the bar.

“Your man was a waste of time anyway.”

She plopped down upon a stool and turned to slowly scan the crowd; perhaps there was someone here that could be of benefit to her in this race. She knew that all it took was one stupid man to fall for her charms. It would not be difficult to find such a creature, pirate or no, and she was certain that he would be willing to share the prize with her if she played her cards right. She'd let him do all the work and then she'd just steal the prize out from under him while he was thinking himself quite the peacock. The Captain smirked wryly to herself, and they called women the irrational ones.

Turning back towards the entrance, the Captain found herself facing another figure but had very little time to register more than shock. The person grinned and then punched her square in the face.

The Captain awoke to a splitting headache and an uncomfortable position. She found her hands bound and her body contorted to fit into a tight space. The place she was in was dark but she could hear the sounds of port quite well. Straining to make some sense of the situation, the Captain became fairly certain she was on the docks.

A thump just above her head startled her and the resulting jerk of shock caused her to hit her already pounding head against the top of her confinement.


The figure standing on the docks thumped the barrel a second time for good measure.

“I'm sorry, “Darling” but this race could use one less competitor.”

Rolling the barrel towards the edge of the pier, the stranger gave it a final thump before shoving it over the edge.

“Don't worry though, you're being shipped home to daddy.”

Turning away from the final resting place of Angela Tasman, the figure glanced up at the now captain-less schoener with its emerald flag fluttering silently in the night air.

“Too bad, I forgot to make sure you'd float.”

Unlike the other barrels bobbing towards a merchant ship bound for Europe, Angela's conveyance slowly began to sink...most likely from the rocks that had been placed around her feet.