SK Hit 3: Blow the man down

I am posting the hit tonight again because I have to work an open to close shift tomorrow. I would like to apologize to the player ahead of time but the character was far too amusing for me not to hae a bit of fun with.

And with that, I give you the SK hit.

“Zand! Zand and more zand!” Mon Claire cursed as he trudged along... Well that is if you call having a well dressed entourage of cabin boys with “needful” things, trudging.

“Whoever eet was ou thought of thees clue should be run through!” The Captain of the Tube Rider tittered merrily at his own words even while several of his crew cringed at the all too obvious implications.

The brigantine had recently weighed anchor off the shore of a small desolate island and now the crew wandered along the sandy beach looking for a flame coloured rock...whatever that meant.

It was getting hot and all the fashionable lace and leather that Mon Claire considered a crime to be without (Saving certain circumstances, you understand) were starting to become uncomfortable. Perhaps he should venture into the undergrowth to search for this missing pebble or rubble or whatever it was if for no other reason than to have a bit more shade.

“Harder, Debile!” He turned to swear shrilly at his fan bearer. “It is hotter than the underside of a...”


The figure in the jungle had been watching the Frenchman lead his crew around in a circle for some time debating on whether or not to act. Was this one really dangerous to anyone else?

Finally it was decided that he was over working a whole village worth of seamstresses and killing off herds of cows in order to stock his wardrobe, of which the colour choices alone should be a kill worthy offense, and therefore he needed to be stopped.

For the children who hadn't seen their lace making mothers in years...

Stepping forward, the stranger ran poor Mon Claire through. Sadly for him, it would be for the last time. Someone else would take charge of brigantine with its lovely pink and teal flag that never failed to inspire fear into the hearts of many a man that sailed upon the open sea.