3/7 only : AWESOME barebones PC deal

I'm just sick with envy... better proc and the price kicks ass compared to what I paid for all my components. Drop an extra 2GB into this puppy and wowsa.. They call it a bare bones but all you need is an OS. Got everything else in there.

If anyone was looking for a new system... seriously, check this out!


Ah well my system is still supah.. =D

Vex 15 years ago
i need a better duo core proc.

EQ2 only runs on 1 core and my 2.13 ain't cuttin it. the 3.0 i want is $275 ;(

people need to buy my shit so i can upgrade my comp !
Sergon 15 years ago
Someone screwed up bad =) They must have meant to put the 6600 in that set up Check the price of the cpu alone. That is a great deal though.


Laschae 15 years ago
Damn I need that! I got $70 in my pocket anyone wanna loan me the rest :P