Mother Earth

Image is completed and submitted already...but as always any and all CC is welcomed and desired

This was done for 's Emerald Lasses contest

As soon as I read the rules, this popped into my head.....

I hope you like it...I had a lot of fun making it


V3 base
Face and body morph by me
Sonia mat, color tweaked by me
Pose by me
Lights by me
Ears are Vamp freebies, heavily tweaked by me
Sayuri hair from Daz3d
Staff is from Aery Souls "White Rose" @ Renderosity
Fawn is from Silverkey @ daz3d
Great Tit bird is from P.C. Bos @ Daz3d
Bird mat is from Silverleif Studios @ daz3d
Setting is "Magic Falls" for Cyclorama @ Daz3d

Jetamio 15 years ago

My only thing, which is personal preferance, is that her hair woulld be down. She is meant to be nature, and we are not born into the world with our hair tied up But as I said, probably more a personal thing, I think its a great pic
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Wow ok this is an old post but I've been bad so I'm catching up =x Elfy if you see this, hope this helps with future work.

There are 2 things I look for more than anything when I'm looking at poser pics. Focus and shadows. I'm a big fan of drama lighting but the purpose of it is also focusing the picture - as well as what the model in the pic is doing. What is she looking at? That's a big thing for me, at least. There are poses that, in order to make its statement, requires that they look at something other than the viewer - but in this case she's looking completely off scene at something you gave no hint to. In future pieces, remember the viewer will be drawn to whatever your model is looking at, if its not at the viewer. Give them (and your model) something to look at.

Sabby 14 years ago
** humps Roz's CC **

Welcome back to cc'in Babycakes! YAY, for Roz cc!

Elfykins 14 years ago
well I didn't intend her to really be looking at anything I guess...I pictured the scene as she was walking through her forest, through all the new life beginning...and feeling the baby inside her moving...and she just threw her head back in exultation of it all