SK Hit 5: Rovin's been my ruin

Another ship had reached the final resting place of the viking ship but it had sailed around the far side of the treacherous reef and there waited for the others. A few members of the crew sailed aboard the island and watched the events that led to the stranding of one pirate captain upon the old Norse vessel. The scouts quickly reported back to their captain that the time of waiting was over.

Like a shark in the shallows, the ship gracefully manoeuvred towards its prey.


Floating there in front of the unfortunate soul was the flag of his recently stolen ship. The Captain was certain that it was a cruel joke on the part of fate for the sin of pride or perhaps it was simply that the odds were not in favour of a pirate living comfortably to a ripe old age.

The Captain sat atop the partially sunken deck of the ancient long ship and ruefully pondered the latest turn of events. It seemed highly unlikely that lady luck would be so good as to grant him a stay of execution. Starvation, so its said, was an ugly way to go.

Looking up from this cheerful line of reasoning, the Captain noticed a small vessel coming his way. Had he really been saved? The figures inside the dingy came closer and waved in a beckoning manner. Perhaps fortune had chosen to be kind after all.


Coming on board the larger vessel, the Captain was greeted by one of his kind.

“I've heard of going down with your own ship but never going down with someone else's. I trust you did not care to die out there on that pile of drift wood?”

Shaking his head, The Captain agreed that he could think of far better ways to die...such as that ripe old age from previous pondering. He now felt he was at liberty to add further details such as: wealthy,healthy,intoxicated and in bed with several buxom wenches.

“I thought not.” His saviour smiled. “But I can't let you stay here either.”


And that was the last thing the Captain ever heard. He was hit on the back of the head by one of the crew. Whatever happened to him after that was beyond his knowing.

His body was thrown overboard and the flag with the skull and coins was set adrift to mark the place where Captain Bloody Rich lost his Elusive Princess one last time.