Round 6 Lynch - She's a black magic woman

Captain Lilith stood on deck looking out to sea. They were headed to they next destination, and if the powers were with them, they would be ahead of everyone else. She had been watching the signs and consulting the bones for days now. The race was not the only reason to stay ahead. Whether by madness or something far worse, someone was killing the other captains.

Lilith looked to the sky. The clouds were dark and heavy, but there was no rain. Not a good sign. The waves too were becoming angrier, but still no rain. That is when she noticed the other ships coming close. First one and then another. All of the remaining captains were coming near. One did not have to be familiar with the arts to know that that was a bad sign.

Boarding parties from each ship were being sent to the Innocence Lost. One’s first instinct, was to prepare for battle, but to her surprise, each delegation contained a captain. This was not a normal boarding attempt. She might was well pretend they were welcome, because they were coming aboard anyway.

The looks on the faces of each captain was grim as the boarded. They seemed to move cohesively as one unit. To any who watched, it appeared as if they were herding Lilith to the center. With each step, the captains became angrier and more militant.

“ We know it was you Lilith. You and your black magic.”

“ You are the one responsible for all of the deaths”

Denials did not do Lilith any good. The group had reached agreement about her guilt. What they had not quite decided on was what to do about it.

“ You are supposed to burn a witch.”

“ You can’t burn her on a boat. At least not while we are all standing here.”

“ You are supposed to drown a witch first. If she survives, then you burn her”

After much discussion, the captains had reached a decision. Lilith was hanged from the yardarm until dead. Gunpowder was then spread along the upper deck. Once, each captain returned to their ship. One by one, they fired a single cannon shot. The Innocence Lost was engulfed by smoke and flame. With witches, you can never be too careful.