pulling my hair out...

does anyone know of any tutorials that are actuallu useful on how to make your own clothing textures?
none of the ones I have found are very helpful in the least
and most are just thoroughly confusing
I want to make a chainmail texture for a tunic I have...and I want it to LOOK like chainmail...with all the little holes...where you can see the material underneath it
I have been putzing around with this for a week now off and on and I am just about ready to start pulling my hair out in giant clumps!!!
it just doesn't look right no matter what I do...I have followed all the transparency tutorials and bump tutorials and any other things I have found that looked even mildly promising
I can't believe that there are just no good, in depth tutorials about this...

going to go beat my head off the desk now...

Lillaanya 15 years ago
Chainmail was honestly a bitch to figure out. The best tip I can give besides just keep playing is to plug your transparency map into your specular as well, or else you will get shiny where there should be nothing. Are you using D|S or Poser?
Elfykins 15 years ago

I have so many ideas for the chainmail textures I bought...and it drives me insane when I can't figure something out...I literally spent about 7 hours yesterday messing with it...and finally got so frustrated that I kicked my desk... that results in very sore toes...oak is hard...lol

thanks for the tip..will play around with it laters today...I had to go kill things en masse in EQ for a few hours to get my "mad" out of my system and am about to waffle now...eww qwerty head