SK Hit 7: A rock and a hard place

Sorry for the delay everyone, I wrote it last night in order to sleep late today...however I forgot to post it last night due to personal craziness at the moment.

The Captain checked the map a second time as they sailed into the straight. It made him edgy because there was no maneuverability to be had once he sailed the small ship within the sienna coloured cliffs. The rest of the crew seemed equally wary as they passed between the rocky masses; they searched the tops for any signs of ambush and watched the opening at the end with eager anticipation.

The end drew near, the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun peeking over the horizon of a new day. They were almost there! They’d make it. The Captain looked on grimly as the men, smiling broad smiles, patted each other on the back. Though, he did give a stern look to the man that felt so jubilant that he started to pass around a bottle of rum. Time enough for celebration later when their vessel was past this obstacle.


It was then that the shadow emerged from the right side of the straight. The ship slid neatly across the opening to block the exit. The Captain could see quite clearly that every gun was loaded and ready to fire. And fire they did, the small caravel was soon loaded with holes and the ship sank, rum and all.


All that was left on the surface was a black flag with a skeleton who appeared to still be fighting his way to the top, never willing to surrender.