Round 7 Lynch - Enough Talking

Rosa stood on the deck of her beloved ship. She had anchored just off shore and sent several crew in row boats to get the needed . There was no need for her to personally go into port this time. If there wasn’t a need, then it wasn’t going to happen. There were people, and music, and people at port. She could wait for her crew to return.

Just as Rosa was getting lost in her dark musings, the good ship Very Lea appeared. The Andorran craftsmanship was not nearly as fine as that of her own ship, but it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t sink. As she eyed the other vessel, Rosa was surprised to find the other captains aboard glaring back at her.

Captain Jessop spoke first, “We have been talking”

“Actually Jessop did all of the talking,” Captain Williamson added with a smirk.

From the back of the group, Captain Ambrai-Greystone could be heard saying, “ I didn’t understand most of it.” There were several nods from the others on this point.

“ I stopped listening,” said Captain Seung.

A flustered Jessop tried to speak above the others, “ The point is we know you are responsible for all of the deaths.”

Rosa looked from one captain to the next before stating in her raspy whisper, “ Prove it.”

There was silence for a long moment before all eyes turned expectantly to Jessop. Clearing his throat, he began, “ Well Mercury spins to the left and six stars shine brighter than four. I dropped two copper coins into the sea, and yesterday I told you that today would be the fourth day of the week. So clearly, you are guilty.”

“ Huh?” was the collective response.

“Rosa is guilty. Get her!” yelled Captain Jessop.

No one knew for certain, but most suspected that Captain Ginger Ears fired the first shot so that he wouldn’t be out done by some of the more chatty captains. Once the first shot hit Rosa in he chest, all of the captains lifted their pistols and fired. It didn’t matter how many hands or voices she offered this day, it would not be enough to give her what she wanted.