Round 8 Lynch - What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Blackwater looked up at the underside of the Golden Sunset. He wasn’t completely sure how he had ended up here. He had been drinking and discussing the deaths with the remaining captains. Maybe had scared them with his massive size. Maybe they didn’t like his face. Jack had initially planned to sit and quietly drink his rum and let the others do all the talking, but rum makes you bold. He must have said something to anger one of them.

Come to think of it, Jessop had begun claiming to be a modern medical miracle. All Jack had said in reply was, “Bullshit”. He couldn’t imagine what was so upsetting about that. For whatever reason, Jessop and the other captains took offense and now he found himself in this position. He had been tied and lowered into the sea. So here he was looking at the bottom of the ship, and the worst part was that the rum was gone. And now, so was his air.


The other captains stood looking over the side of the ship. After several long moments, Captain Piestewa spoke up, “ This is probably irrelevant, but historically when you keelhaul someone you are supposed to bring them back up, eventually.”

SnowDragon 15 years ago
Caitri watched the other Captains as they took Jack from the bar drunk and brought him aboard the The Golden Sunset. She had refused to believe Jack was guilty and wanted no part in his death.
She followed a safe distance behind The Golden Sunset in her ship The Blind Ghost. If only she could be blind to the actions of the other Captains of all the innocent blood that did not need to be shed this night.
She yelled to her first mate "Lower the flag for an honorable Captain is about to die." She threw a salute to Jack as he was lowered under The Golden Sunset. "May ye find peace and haunt the ones that have murder ye in cold blood Jack." She turned turned away and toward the wheel.
She knew one of the three Captains aboard The Golden Sunset stunk to high heaven and she was going to find out who and avenge Jack. She thought if she should die next it would serve the other innocent Captains for not listening. She shrugged her shoulders and decided there was not much more she could do.
She set a course sailing away from the Captains looking for the treasure.

(In Bold for Jack)