Round 9 SK Hit: An things is running' wild

The figure at the helm cursed as they wiped futilely at the water dripping down into their eyes. Sheets of rain poured down upon the ship while it tried to fight to stay afloat in the tremendous waves. This was by far the thing the captain most hated about being out at sea.

Heading into the wind to avoid some rocks, the figure was concentrating fully on the task of steering the ship when one of the sailors called. “Sail ho!”

Another ship had been sighted.


The Captain held a stubborn course through the thundering clouds and mountainous swells. It had not been the first storm she had found herself in, nor, she figured, would it be her last. They had a goal and if those other ships wished to be cowards and wait for perfect blue skies with puffy painted clouds then they could lose out on the prize.

Her crew were busy lashing everything down when a large wave rocked the vessel sideways. The Captain watched from the helm as some of her men were swiped right off the deck and into the water. They would soon be lost in the raging ocean so, even though several of the crew cast about for a way to retrieve their comrades, the Captain continued onward.

It was then that the other ship was spotted headed straight for them!

The Captain's eyes narrowed and anger rose in a wave of heat to her cheeks. So this was how the others had been taken down, cowardly games while they were weakened? Well it would do them no good, She'd not give in so easily. They'd have to fight to the very end to ship her off to the locker.

Changing course, she ordered the remaining crew to man the cannons.


“She's insane!” The Captain watched incredulous as the sighted ship altered course and closed in.

“Ready the guns!”

There was little else to do in the situation. It was not like the figure at the helm wouldn't have normally jumped at the chance to kill off a little competition but there were other things that had been more important at the staying afloat.


Without a full crew to man both ship and weaponry, the Captain was fighting a losing battle. Yet she refused to surrender,doubting dryly that it was even an option. There had been no quarter given to any of the past pirate crews and she would not have counted on seeing such a deal made this time.

So despite being out gunned and out manned, the Irish Captain remained resolutely at the helm and the Blind Ghost fired back at its attacker until it could fire no more. Captain Ambrai-Greystone knew that she would be able to hold her head high when she walked across the other side because she had not gone down without a fight.


The figure commanding the other ship watched with great relief the final destruction of the schooner. It had been a close call and it seemed for a few moments that the famous temper of the Irish captain would pull her through; she had certainly been a force to be reckoned with.

The Captain of the remaining ship faced the sinking flag with heart and hourglass and gave it a mock salute. There would be worthy opponents in the after life.