Round 9 Lynch - Cat Fight!

Only four captains remain. Well, three and a half if you wanted to get technical. It had been a long journey and they were all feeling the strain of the last few days. Now, at the latest port, they sat in the local tavern trying to sort out the most recent events. They had thought they had put a end to all of the deaths when Blackwater met his soggy end, but now Ambrai-Greystone has also perished.

The tavern was dimly lit and crowded. For all of the good cheer and laughter that filled the room, the captains were in a somber mood. There was a killer among them. They had to sort this out, but they would need a round of rum first. One round became two, and two became three. After several rounds of rum, the discussion between the two women became heated. It began to appear as if Captain Seung might actually spit fire at any moment.

The arguing continued for some time before the women looked to the men. The male captains were slumped in their chairs, passed out from exhaustion and rum. This only angered the women even more. Verbal sparring became physical attacks. Blow for blow, their primal dance moved around the room knocking over patrons and drinks alike. Growing tired of their antics, the rather large owner picked up both women and tossed them outside the tavern. Humiliated and still fuming, both women went their separate ways back to their own ships. This was far from over.