Sims 2 Question

I'm looking for something to help entertain me while we'll be in Louisiana. I'll have my laptop. I'm wondering, what kind of system is needed to run Sims 2? If I get Sims 2, what's the best pack to start out with?

ROzbeans 16 years ago
Sims2 has a laptop friendly game that you don't need all the expansions for. It's a cute little scenario game, nice to start off with and help you decide if you want to buy the whole kit and kaboodle. I play sims2 and have ALL the expansions, so does Vex. We love it tons. It is really a LOT of fun.
Lolanae 16 years ago
Where would one find the laptop friendly game? Guessing Sims 2 website?
Vex 16 years ago
you can also buy sims 2 deluxe wich is like 4? 5? expansions? honestly the base game is entertaining enough without adding the bajillion new toys. you could spend a small fortune getting all the stuff/expansion packs

ive not tried to run sims2 on a laptop, but only on super max resolution on my 24" monitor and it runs ok.

what kind of laptop is it ? how much ram ? video card etc?
Cobert 16 years ago
Quite possibly the best murder simulator out there. Also sims 3 inc