The Bard & Sir S.Quirrel

was just checking out the daz Squirrel hubby got me...and these happened..
I think I am going to do a series...prolly a ranger and mage next...he's just so damned cute

and I know that the Sir one has some glaring shadow over the background that doesn't beling there etc...

Credits, The Bard:

Daz squirrel...
pose n lights by me
the Luth (mandolin thingy) was a freebie I think
grass in foreground was a sharecg freebie
ground under the grass is from
Background is from

Credits, Sir S. Quirrel

Daz squirrel
DNA bladez2 Elven Blade
grass prop was a freebie from sharecg
Background was from a pic hubby had on his puter...think his mom took it

Temprah 16 years ago
*squees* These are TOO adorable =D
Lillaanya 16 years ago
omg that is too freakin cute!!
Elfykins 16 years ago
thank you
the first one...holding the sword..made me think of Brian jaques books...and well, it went from there
ladyduece 16 years ago
These really are too adorable! Hope to see more with him =)
Adiene 16 years ago
awe cute
Darsa 16 years ago
Hehehe! Daughter and I got a good giggle out of these. Love 'em!
Elfykins 15 years ago
hubby says I am
first thing he said to me was don't have swords...
he has NO imagination sometimes...
ROzbeans 15 years ago
How friggin cute are those?! It's great to take time off of poser honeys and get to just being silly. le