Dj Scruball WIP comparison

commission in progress for a friend of mine that I have known for years
he is an internet radio dj and wanted a sig for the radio station site...that actually looked like him
Couldn't get it to look exactly like him, but close enough...he was happy..said I made him look 10 years younger

Adiene 16 years ago
lookin good , looks like you just need to fill out his cheeks a bit more, widen the lower nose and the cleft in the chin now huh
Elfykins 16 years ago
no, he doesn't want me to make his face any fatter...I told him I was going to make his cheeks wider and his nose wider and he told me no, said he liked that it made him look younger and thinner...and when I try to cleft the chin, it looke like someone cut a slit in his chin...looks horrid...and he hasn't said anything about that, so it can stay. the way it is
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Yeah I was gonna say make him a little cheekier - but if he doesn't want it, it is pretty damn close to the real thing!
Elfykins 15 years ago
yeah he's a vain him for 7-8 years now..and I am quite sure that most everyone has seen what he looks like he did have a photo up for his "DJ" pic...and then he says no I like that you made me look younger n thinner...and I tried to tell him anyone that has seen his pic will know he's gotten a bit Cheekier so to speak...and he told me to hesh

this is the finished sig btw...

Anyways...I may fix it for myself, but he is happy with it the way it is...
It bugs me though..I want it to look as close to him as I can possibly get it with what tools I have..and that aint it
i do that a lot...fix stuff that I think is wrong with something, that whoever I am making it for thinks is just fine...hubby says I am anal...