Pirate Mafia Clues

These are quite a bit late. There was a great deal going on for me at the time of the mafia game. I was driving a very long way to a very VERY stressful job, changing home locations and having personal problems.

On top of that my PM's aren't mailing me emails so I didn't get Roz's reminder.

So better late than never, eh? I hope you guys enjoyed the pirate game. It was quite interesting and made clue making difficult because you guys kept offing the mafia! O_O


Round 1 SK Hit

The SK was able to get close enough to be heard fairly well by Bart in this clue and so obviously didn't have a very very large ship.

The SK is also chatty which should eliminate people not inclined to talk, can't talk or can't speak above a whisper.

The coming up and talking to Bart ahead of time was a set up clue for the fact that Nova did things in a straight forward fashion which would eventually eliminate those people who liked to plot and plan.

Not much on the first round...but hey it's the first round.

BTW: Bart was the name of a cat the mod's had while growing up and why the boat was the catfish. The SK threw chum in the water to attrack sharks to bart's location so that she could make sure that he was dead before she sailed off.

SK Hit: Round 2

"I feel so broke up I wanna go home" is from the song the Sloop John B. The SK sailed a sloop, plus the SK was sending DK's pirate home to daddy.

The something wet that the captain felt slip down her back was the SK's drink. She bumped into the SK and spilled her alcohol which was the reason she was targeted next.

The SK punched Angela in the face which pointed again to Nova's straight forward methods.

The scene involves alcohol, this is something in Nova's bio that will repeat for more clues. The SK loves to drink.

Also, the SK assumed from Angela's accent that home was Europe somewhere which is incorrect but that pointed out in a very obscure clue that the SK wasn't likely to know exactly where Angela's accent came from.

SK Hit: Round 3

The Captain of the very large Brigantine was not dealt with at sea because the SK had a much smaller ship.

Flame coloured rock - Word clue time! A hint towards the person from the desert, specifically the American desert, which has a lot of flame coloured rocks.

The SK debated on whether or not to kill Mon Claire which suggested that the SK was not one of the more merciless pirates out there.

The SK stepped forward and ran Mon Claire through with a sword. Another straight forward death (this time quite literally)

Also another death that did not use a gun.

(Not much here this time because you people were killing off mafia left and right. We needed the SK to stay in the game or it would have been very short. )

SK Hit: Round 4

The SK's ship was able to keep up with the single masted schooner which would mean it was one of the smaller, faster ships.

It hadn't been easily noticed coming up behind them at dusk. Even without someone standing watch on top a crow's nest, some of the larger vessels would have been a huge presence that would be hard not to notice.

This hit was at sea, meaning that the SK felt safe enough to go head to head with the Morte Bella also pointing to two ships around the same size.

“Good Evening, by chance could I borrow a cup of sugar?” A voice yelled from the other ship. - This pointed again to the fact that the SK could and did talk. It also was another clue pointing out that the SK had a sense of humor. Nova's bio suggested that she was a pirate because it was fun.

Even though the SK raced up behind the Morte Bella she still announced herself with the wise crack remark pointing to a more straight forward person again.

Lastly, and this was really really subtle.

The SK burned the Morte Bella even though it was unnecessary. It was a warning, in character, but out of character Den was the only person who voted to off Verileah's character. That didn't go unnnoticed by the mods and therefore burning the already defeated ship and leaving it a blazing pire for the other pirates was also a warning not to vote the wrong way.

SK Hit: Round 5

Lady Luck - word clue there that the SK was indeed female.

The SK's crew had a dingy which left out people with no ship or parrots.

intoxicated - a word clue towards the drinking Nova liked to do.

The SK brought Bloody Rich over from the viking ship instead of leaving him stranded which suggested a person who wasn't completely evil.

She also talked to him before killing him and told him before she had him killed that she couldn't let him stay aboard her ship either. A clue to her straight forward manner.

They hit bloody rich over the head and tossed him over board instead of using a gun.

That's it in this one... seriously the mafia were dropping like flies!

SK Hit: Round 6

Okay, I messed this one up and thought the SK had the other ship and not the mafia, my bad...but she could have taken it from the small crew that they put on board to sail it back to a port. (alas there was no mafia/SK alliance though that would have been really cool. )

The SK talks about the fat proud ship which points to the SK's vessel being something much smaller.

There was a point made of saying the SK learned to swim which would have been a given for just about every other character bio except Nova's, for whom learning to swim might have been more of an after thought.

The person from the desert still used a rope to tether themselves to their ship which suggested someone still not comfortable enough with their swimming prowess to risk the dark ocean without a way to be pulled in.

"his ship that proudly flew his country's colours" A hint towards the possible grudge an American might have towards the British pirate.

SK Hit: Round 7

Sienna coloured cliffs - another desert word clue

The crew seemed to expect an ambush from the tops of the cliffs - sort of a tactic used on unsuspecting wagon trains by native American tribes in the west..Or to the cowboys in cheesy westerns, whichever.

One of the men was passing around a bottle of rum - Another alcohol mention to bring those back into the hits.

The SK felt safe enough to go head to head in a cannon fight with the caravel which pointed to the fact that previously larger ships had not been dealt with this way because the SK's ship was smaller.

The SK's ship was firing broadside cannons, generally where the most cannons are located, but also there was no mentioned of forward cannons which a sloop wasn't likely to have.

"And fire they did, the small caravel was soon loaded with holes and the ship sank, rum and all." - Alas, the poor rum

Yep, not a lot there because the mafia were all in Davey Jone's locker.

SK Hit: Round 8

“We haven't been brave in a while.” - Little word clue there "brave" as in Indian Brave. Also points to the SK talking about their normal go for it style of hits.

"and some fine port" - More mention of alcohol

"According to many of the town folk the outcast band of believers were driven out a long time ago." - Much like the Native Americans from their homelands.

"Pulling the pistol that they had found in a special velvet lined box up from their lap" This is the first time the SK has actually shot someone and they stole the weapon to do it, pointing out that the SK didn't actually have a gun of their own.

“Thanks for hospitality.” - The SK still has their sense of humor.

Then they decided it was best to be leaving quickly. There was such a thing as being too bold. - Nova might be there to have fun but she wasn't crazy.

SK Hit: Round 9

"This was by far the thing the captain most hated about being out at sea. " - The rain at sea would be something a person from the desert would be very unused to.

"The Captain held a stubborn course through the thundering clouds and mountainous swells. It had not been the first storm she had found herself in, nor, she figured, would it be her last." - Put there to add further contrast to Nova's non coastal upbringing.

The schooner was willing to fight the ship that was sighted instead of trying to out maneuver or out run it suggesting two ships of roughly the same size.

The SK didn't actually want a fight because she was too busy dealing with the unfamiliar and difficult weather conditions.

"The Captain of the remaining ship faced the sinking flag with heart and hourglass and gave it a mock salute" - A reference to Nova's sense of fun still present.

No mafia left and now not many people. Alas, it was the last hit for Dread Pirate Nova.

Blackrabbit 15 years ago
Thanks for the clue list Mai. I'm giving myself a big "palmsmack" on the forehead for interpreting some of them completely the wrong way... but maybe I'll learn for next time!
lemmy101 15 years ago
I was a complete fool when it came to the clues this time round.

Verileah 15 years ago