Guess I didn't really do a proper introduction to Myself :)

Howdy! I'm Michelle aka Sunbur Wanderaimless I'm a 38 yr old mother of 2 demon spawn ... err boys! Yeah, that's what I meant, boys. hehe Being a stay at home mom, I figured I'd dabble around with some computer art since my hands won't allow me to do freehand art anymore. What I found got me severely addicted! I started with making avatars in The Palace chat, moved on to screenshot art in EQ, and now I'm doing 3D art using DAZ Studio (still learning that, so bear with me! ) I'm hoping to start taking some classes this fall to get me going better with my web designing as well as graphic arts. But that's going to depend on the demon spawn LOL

BTW you never know what I'll say sometimes... I've been known to send out some zingers that can drop jaws That's why I'm known as the equal opportunity offender... I WILL pick on everyone! muahahahaha

ROzbeans 19 years ago